Lifting Titans codes (July 2024) — free coins, pets and strength

With our trusted Lifting Titans codes list, you'll be the strongest player in all of Robloxia! We guarantee it.

This Roblox title has been one of our absolute faves recently. Its simple and addictive concept makes for countless hours of gaming fun. Honestly, when we start playing Lifting Titans, it’s hard to stop and that says a lot about the game.

Lift increasingly heavier loads as the game progresses to get better rewards, you can even battle with titans to make your character stronger. With so much to do, we thought we would help you out with some much-needed freebies that the game has to offer. Read up on our Lifting Titans codes guide for all information you’ll ever need.

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Active Lifting Titans codes

  • MONDAYBOOSTS — 1x Boost
  • BETHERE — 1x Boost
  • EpicLuck — 1x Boost
  • GLORY — 1x Boost
  • 100KSTAR — 1x Boost
  • GYMS — 1x Boost
  • MONKE — 1x Boost
  • 10M — 1x Boost
  • ??? — 1x Boost
  • LUCKGOD — 1x Boost

Expired Lifting Titans codes

  • 500STAR
  • SoLucky
  • LikeTheGame
  • LUCK

What are Lifting Titans codes?

Glad you asked! Codes are random numbers, letters, or phrases that the game developers release on occasions or milestones. The players can redeem them for some additional in-game help in the form of currencies or accessories.

How to redeem Lifting Titans codes

It’s super easy to redeem Lifting Titans codes. Here’s what to do:

  1. Launch Lifting Titans
  2. Press the blue Twitter bird icon on the left
  3. Punch in or paste an active code in the textbox
  4. Click on redeem
  5. Enjoy all the free stuff!

That’s all, bodybuilders! Everything we had to tell you about Lifting Titans codes. Also, if you or a friend of yours is into gacha games, we recommend checking out our best gacha games or for awesome Roblox freebies check out Roblox promo codes list.