Shoot Out codes (May 2024) — free skins, gold and more

With our Shoot Out codes list, your adventure in the old west will be the adventure of a lifetime!

A classic shootout game with the expected Roblox twist. Set in the old west, this game gives you access to some great vintage weapons to win each round and try to survive being eliminated. The game also lets you play in the third person, adding more options to the playability and overall game feel.

If you like shootout games but feel like you get killed pretty early on in the game, we understand. We’ve all been there, tbh. So, we put together this detailed Shoot Out codes guide to help you get access to some awesome freebies that will almost certainly ensure your wins.

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Active Shoot Out codes

  • ELF — Festive Death Effect
  • HUNT — 10 Gems
  • ALIEN — 10 Gems
  • EPIC — 300 Gold
  • ZOMBIE — 10 Gems
  • TWITTER — Tatty PJs skin
  • LOOT — 300 Gold
  • GOLD — 300 Gold
  • 50kLIKES — 300 Gold
  • Discord1000 — 300 Gold
  • Xbox — 500 Gold (Xbox Only)
  • Pride — Pride Gun Trail
  • PUNCHED — New Skin
  • FREEDOM — New Skin 
  • DEADEYE — Steampunk Cowboy Skin 
  • META — Smooth Criminal Skin 
  • SLAYER — Master Slayer Skin
  • SCORE — 10 Gems
  • ANIME — 10 Gems
  • RUSH — Hivemind Skin
  • truthbehindthelies — 400 Gold
  • TWITTER2K — 300 Gold

Expired Shoot Out codes

  • 15000likes 
  • 10000likes 
  • 5000likes 
  • LOOT 
  • EPIC 
  • turkey 
  • 30000likes
  • 20000likes 

What are Shoot Out codes?

Game developers are the best, they understand that sometimes players want some freebies to sweeten the deal and so they provide codes to help level up or gain an accessory to help keep players interested, sweet huh?

How to redeem Shoot Out codes

Redeeming Shoot Out codes is pretty easy. Just follow these steps:

  1. Launch Shoot Out
  2. Click on the blue Twitter bird icon, under the inventory button
  3. Paste or punch in an active code from our list
  4. Press enter
  5. Enjoy your freebies!

That’s it! Easy, right? Everything we knew about Shoot Out codes. Happy shooting! Also, if you like gacha games head over to our best gacha games for some great game recs and for some more amazing freebies check out our Roblox promo codes article.