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How many copies did Teardown sell? — 2024 statistics

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April 21, 2022
Tuxedo Labs
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Teardown has quickly become a standout in the indie game scene with its unique approach to destruction-based gameplay. The Teardown sales figures show its impressive reception, driven by its innovative voxel-based physics and interactive environments. When we look at Teardown statistics, it’s evident that the game has captured the interest of a diverse player base, leading to significant achievements in both sales and player engagement.

Teardown has sold over 2.7 million copies on Steam.

(Source: PC Gamer)

  • Teardown had sold over 1.1 million copies by 2022.
  • The game has a thriving modding scene, with over 5,000 mods uploaded to the Steam Workshop.
  • The developer, Tuxedo Labs, was acquired by Embracer Group, which has given them more resources to focus on expanding Teardown.

The success of Teardown can be seen not only in its impressive sales but also in its vibrant modding community. This thriving ecosystem has contributed to the game’s ongoing popularity and engagement. The acquisition of Tuxedo Labs by Embracer Group has further bolstered the game’s development, providing additional resources to expand and enhance the Teardown experience. This combination of strong sales, active community involvement, and corporate support underscores the game’s solid foundation and potential for future growth.

Teardown’s revenue is estimated to be over $45 million on Steam.

(Source: VG Insights, PC Gamer)

  • The game has experienced consistent growth in player base and sales, bolstered by continuous updates and community engagement, leading to a substantial financial success.
  • Average play time is around 22 hours.
  • Teardown is seen by the developers as a platform with unlimited potential.
  • The development involved significant investment in voxel technology and real-time ray tracing for realistic lighting.

The game’s commitment to continuous updates and community engagement has played a crucial role in maintaining its popularity and financial health. Additionally, significant investments in advanced technologies like voxel technology and real-time ray tracing have enhanced the game’s appeal, ensuring it remains a platform with vast potential for future developments.

Teardown had an all-time peak of 8,339 concurrent players.

(Source: SteamDB, Steam)

  • Teardown has an Overwhelmingly Positive review score on Steam.
  • 95% of the 84,200 user reviews being positive.
  • Frequent updates and community engagement have helped maintain a steady player base.

Teardown has done a great job keeping players hooked, with a peak of over 8,300 players online at the same time. The game’s frequent updates and strong community engagement have kept its player base steady and happy, earning it overwhelmingly positive reviews. This shows just how much players appreciate and enjoy the game, thanks to its constant improvements and active community support.


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