How many subscribers does Amazon Luna have? — 2024 statistics

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March 1, 2022
Cloud gaming

We’ve talked about cloud gaming and how it contributes to how much the gaming industry is worth, but we haven’t delved too deeply into specific cloud gaming services, which is a shame. Amazon Luna is not just a newcomer in the cloud gaming arena; it’s a powerhouse contender. But how does it stack up against the big names out there? The real question is, how many subscribers does Amazon Luna have? We’re about to break down some critical Amazon Luna statistics for you. This dive into its achievements and stand in the gaming world will cover everything, from user numbers to the latest buzz. So, if you’re curious about where Amazon Luna stands in the race, stick with us.

Amazon Luna key stats

Amazon Luna started in 2022 and features multiple device connectivity, with the ability to reach a broad audience through AWS the cloud platform that the service uses. Since cloud gaming is still a growing aspect of the gaming industry, there is still more to be developed around Amazon Luna, we’re going to fit all of the information regarding the service into this single section, and we’ll cover everything from total subscribers to user engagement and reviews and anything else you might think of.

Amazon Luna had 270K users in 2021.

(Source: Statista)

  • 8% of video game subscription users use Amazon Luna in the United States.
  • Brand awareness of Amazon Luna in the United States is 33%.
  • This means that 24% of the people who know of Amazon Luna use it as well.
  • 27% of the 33% of people that know of Amazon Luna also like the brand.
  • 6% of video game subscription users say that they would use Amazon Luna again.
  • 75% of the subscribers remain loyal to the brand.

Here we can see how Amazon Luna had been performing in the gaming market in 2022, where it had some relatively small percentages of user engagement, but that was still at a point where it was just getting introduced to the world at large. This line of stats gives us a decent perspective on how a new platform grows and engages the right audiences.

In 2022, Amazon Luna held 0-5% of the global cloud gaming market.

(Source: The Verge)

  • That percentage was consistent between March and September 2022.
  • To combat a fall in its user base, Amazon Luna started offering free trials so users can check it out before purchasing it.
  • This presented Amazon Luna with some considerable pressure to streamline everything it offered if it wanted to avoid ending up like Google Stadia.

The competitive nature of the gaming market is very apparent when you have multiple platforms that offer a lot of content in theory, but the way it is applied is evident in the market numbers and majority shares, at which point Amazon Luna really didn’t hold much in the market, but its situation is going to improve, surely.

There are 227 games available on Amazon Luna.

(Source: GameRant)

  • All of the games in the service can be divided into three channels — Luna+, Ubisoft+, and Jackbox Games.
  • Luna+ has 174 games.
  • Ubisoft+ has 42 games.
  • Jackbox Games has 11 games.

Now we get into the meat and bones of Amazon Luna — what games can you play on it? Well, lucky for you and everyone else, the service offers a tremendous number of titles that you can enjoy depending on which channel you prefer to use. In either case, if Jackbox games are your thing, you can enjoy those, if Ubisoft is more your forte, there’s that as well. Either way, you can’t go wrong.

Amazon Luna+ is priced at $9.99/month.

(Source: Pocket Lint)

  • The basic version of Amazon Luna comes with Amazon Prime, free of charge.
  • Luna+ comes as an upgrade to the base service and comes with as much play time as you can manage, 1080p 60FPS streaming, as well as the option of connecting multiple devices.
  • If you want to access even more games, a Ubisoft+ Multi-Access subscription will run you $17.99/month.
  • And finally, a Jackbox Games subscription will run you $4.99/month.

In this line of stats, we can see that this service is quite modestly priced for everything it offers. Firstly, even if you’re not a big gamer, you can still get the service for free from an Amazon Prime subscription. The Ubisoft+ upgrade might be a bit steeper, but it’s Ubisoft! Despite some of the backlash they have received over the years, their titles are still great choices for many gamers around.

Samsung is one of the main partners for Amazon Luna and included it in the Gaming Hub.

(Source: Samsung)

  • The deal was stuck between Samsung and Amazon on the 19th of April 2023.
  • This means that more and more people will actively be able to access Amazon Luna despite not owning PCs and laptops.
  • To this end, people need to use either the Luna Controller or any other compatible USB 2.0 controller.
  • Tizen powers the Samsung Gaming Hub.

Amazon Luna is very new. So new, that it is still being completely integrated into the “public domain” of cloud gaming, so we’re still waiting to see what the service has to offer the world of gaming. However, even in these early stages, the service is getting a steady foothold with Samsung, so anyone who owns a smart TV can try out cloud gaming.

To sum up

Alright, alright! So that’s all of the information about Amazon Luna we have for you at the moment. As we’ve said before, the service is still green in the market and we’ve yet to see its full potential, which will become more apparent as time passes on and the platform has been able to spread its roots more effectively. The total number of users on the platform is bound to rise soon, and there are going to be many more stats to come along with that increased number. Until then, we’ll be sure to add more and more information to this as it becomes available.


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