Among Us Statistics and Facts [2020]


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What is Among Us?

Among Us is a social deduction game that’s built around deception, manipulation, and trickery. The game takes place on a damaged spaceship; players must complete various tasks around the ship to fix it before it explodes. However, some of the players are actually Impostors who win by destroying the ship or killing all other Crewmates. The catch is that the Crewmates have no idea who among them is an Impostor.

While much of Among Us’ gameplay consists of navigating the broken ship and either fixing equipment or sabotaging it (depending on your role), the real game takes place on the voting screen. Crewmates can call meetings that force all players to gather and vote on who will be ejected from their ship. It’s here when players are free to bring forth any suspicions, accusations, or evidence.

To win, Crewmates must either complete all their tasks or successfully eject all Impostors from the ship. Impostors win by destroying the ship via sabotage or whenever the number of Impostors equals the number of remaining Crewmates.

A Long Road to the Top

Among Us was developed and published by a small indie studio called InnerSloth. At launch, the game only had around 30 active users at any time which seemed like it was destined to fail and disappear off the face of the internet. But the question is how did Among us suddenly become one of the most popular games in the world today even though it was released back in 2018? Many factors come into play, but one factor that might have played a major role is due to COVID-19. The time when everyone was on lockdown and were looking for things to do.

According to game designer Marcus Bromander, Among Us started to gain some traction when a Korean streamer picked up the game. After a decent boom in Korea, additional waves of regional viralness would help the game achieve moderate success in Brazil and Europe. It was a suggestion from Pluto to Sodapoppin’ — Twitch staff and one of the largest streamers on the platform, respectively — that brought Among Us to an American audience and wider internet pop culture.

In August 2020, InnerSloth said that more than 100,000 people were playing Among Us every hour. Most of them on Android, but iOS and PC stats skyrocket that month. Even though the devs at InnerSloth agreed they aren’t great at marketing, but due to the pandemic, games don’t need advertising to grow. All it needs is a streamer and visibility to take off.

Among Us User Stats

Player Demographics

Although initially the game was PEGI 16 for Strong Violence, the game was reexamined by PEGI and was renewed to PEGI 7+ for Mild Violence. It seems that the game is intended for ages starting 7 and up but players from all sorts of age groups still play this game. According to a small poll conducted on Reddit, most players are between the ages of 14 to 18.

Among Us Esports

Although Among Us started to become popular just recently, the game already has a few tournaments.

  • The Among Us Tournament with the Largest Prize Pool was held by the Faze Clan for their Among Us In-Vent-Ational with a total of $25,000 prize pool.
  • The highest earning player to date is Twitch streamer Yetiapocalypse with a total of $12,000 earned.

Among Us Usage Stats

Among Us Downloads Worldwide

Among Us Global Downloads By Month

Source: Sensor Tower

Between January 2020 and July 2020 the game averaged monthly downloads of 1.4 million. The game surged in popularity during the Coronavirus pandemic with 18.4 million downloads worldwide in August and then 41.9 million in September, absolutely dwarfing previous months. As of November 2020, the game has surpassed 217 million in total downloads.

Among Us Revenue

Among Us is a paid game on Steam but free-to-play on mobile devices. However there are other ways the developers over at InnerSloth make money from microtransactions in the in-game store. As of August 2020, InnerSloth has opened their own merch store that is mostly inspired by fanarts and memes on the internet.

Just from the microtransactions alone, InnerSloth made a whopping $3.2 million from their Mini Crew Bundle and the ability to disable advertisements in-game. By the end of September 2020, Among Us has generated $11 million; the US ranks first from players spending $7.2 million which is 65% of the revenue.

Players are able to purchase plenty of additional content in the in-game store, such as:

  • Brainslug Pet Bundle – Adds new pet slugs and UFO’s
  • Bedcrab Pet Bundle – Adds the Bedcrab and Squid pets
  • Polus Skin Bund – Adds cosmetics and a new map
  • Hamster Pet Bundle – Adds the Hamster and Dog Pets

There is a premium version of Among Us in mobile devices to remove advertisements and receive plenty of content. Here is what you get if you purchase the premium version:

  • Removes Advertisements from In-game
  • All of the Pet Bundles
  • Cosmetic Item – Top Hat
  • Cosmetic Item – White Top Hat
  • The 1M Downloads Hat Bundle
  • Mini Crewmate Bundle

Players can also purchase these microtransactions on PC.

We may earn a commission for purchases using our links. Learn more.

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