Be a Gardener codes (July 2024) — lots of free plants and money!

With our amazing Be a Gardener codes list, you'll be the only Robloxian with a green thumb!

If you’re like us and cant keep your real-life plants alive, then perhaps it’s better to switch to gardening digitally? This great Roblox title will help you develop a virtual green thumb ensuring that whatever you plant in your greenhouse not only survives but thrives!

The higher the quality of your plant, the more money you earn from it so it can get tough to ensure that your produce is up to the mark. But have no fear, for our Be a Gardener codes guide is here to help! With a compilation of all the latest freebie drops the game has, you’ll be sorted.

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Active Be a Gardener codes

  • Cookieboi — 100 Money
  • StailerBlox — 100 Money
  • FernandaGames — 100 Money
  • Roblerom — 100 Money
  • AtanHero — 70 Money
  • P4P3R — Paper Tree Plant
  • 4NGE1 — Angel Tropical Cactus
  • JeffBlox — 100 Money
  • RussoPlays — 100 Money
  • yTowakGB — 100 Money

Expired Be a Gardener codes

There are currently no expired Be a Gardener codes. Rejoice!

What are Be a Gardener codes?

These codes are available courtesy of the developer to give you all some freebies. In addition, new codes become available each time the game hits a milestone, so bookmark this page to stay up to date with the latest goodies.

How to redeem Be a Gardener codes

It’s super easy peasy to redeem Be a Gardener codes. Here’s how:

  1. Launch Be a Gardener
  2. Click on the codes button on the right with the Twitter Icon
  3. punch in or paste an active code there
  4. Hit confirm
  5. Enjoy your freebies!

That’s all, folks! Everything we could tell you about Be a Gardener codes. Plus, if you’re into Roblox games, check out our article about Roblox statistics and facts 2022 that we put together about the platform.