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As anticipation builds for the launch of Crimson Desert, the gaming community stands on the cusp of exploring a vast, breathtaking world teeming with life, lore, and untold adventures. In our forthcoming analysis, we will dive deep into Crimson Desert statistics, aiming to forecast the game’s performance based on the developer’s ambitious promises and the audience’s burgeoning excitement. Furthermore, our discussion will branch into the realm of Crimson Desert sales, contemplating the economic impact of this eagerly awaited title and the factors that may dictate its commercial trajectory. This article intends to stitch together a narrative of potential success and industry significance, capturing the essence of what makes Crimson Desert a beacon of anticipation in the gaming landscape.

The analyst predicts Crimson Desert will sell 2.87 million copies and generate $218.6 billion won in sales for Pearl Abyss.

(Source: BusinessKorea)

  • There is potential for Pearl Abyss to acquire publishing rights for Black Desert Online in China, which could further increase their stock value.
  • The analyst predicts Pearl Abyss will see 555.8 billion won in total sales and 157.4 billion won in operating profit in 2024, representing large year-over-year increases.

The upcoming release of Crimson Desert by Pearl Abyss appears to be a major driver of growth for the company according to this analyst’s report. While beta tests for their previous game Throne and Liberty were lackluster, expectations are high that Crimson Desert will see strong commercial performance given the planned marketing push. By unveiling the first promotional video at Gamescom in August and continuing promotions through major gaming events, Pearl Abyss aims to build significant hype for the new title launching in the first half of 2024. The analyst forecasts Crimson Desert will sell over 2.8 million copies, generating billions in revenue for Pearl Abyss next year alone. If the game resonates strongly with audiences as expected, Crimson Desert could propel Pearl Abyss to a major increase in overall sales and profits in 2024 compared to prior years. Its successful release will be important for the company’s continued expansion in the years ahead.

Crimson Desert, upcoming open-world action RPG, has reportedly been delayed from a Q2 2024 release to Q2 2025 according to a Korean analyst. 

(Source: Wccf tech)

  • Crimson Desert was first announced in 2019 but faced an indefinite delay in July 2021 for further development
  • The developers are targeting a late 2024 release window
  • DokeV, Pearl Abyss’ Pokémon-like creature collection game, is now expected in 2026 or later after previously being planned for release after Crimson Desert.
  • Both games have been in development for several years, with Crimson Desert first announced in 2019 and DokeV in the same year. 
  • Pearl Abyss switched the genres of both games from their original plans as MMOs to single-player games with multiplayer elements. 
  • Investors are urging Pearl Abyss to provide more clear and official communication about the release dates and development status of their upcoming games.

Crimson Desert will release simultaneously on PC, PS5, Xbox Series X/S, PS4 and Xbox One

  • It was originally intended as a prequel but has evolved into its own IP.
  • Gameplay will involve open world exploration on foot or horseback with quests, crafting and combat.
  • The story follows protagonist Macduff confronting his past and fighting evil forces.
  • A gameplay trailer was shown at Gamescom 2022 showing the open world and combat.

Crimson Desert seems poised to be a compelling open world RPG set in the rich universe originally created by Black Desert Online. While few story details were shared, the gameplay trailer hinted at an epic narrative driven adventure through vibrant lands. Combat looks fluid and impactful. The developer Pearl Abyss has also shown their commitment to players by ensuring a simultaneous multi-platform release, allowing the widest possible audience to experience this new IP regardless of their preferred system. If Crimson Desert can deliver on the scale and depth of content hinted at, along with Black Desert Online’s solid foundation of gameplay systems, it has the potential to captivate players for hundreds of hours in its immersive fantasy setting when it launches in early 2024. Fans of the genre will likely be keeping a close eye on this one.


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