How to fix Roblox lag issues in 2024

Get rid of your Roblox lag and real-life stress with these methods!

Playing your favorite games is a great experience up until the point when all of your wonderful progress is halted by a sudden onset of lag. This is so frustrating that words can hardly describe it. Lag is a plague that has been a menace for gamers worldwide, and lag in Roblox is no different. You must be wondering how you can solve these issues.

To help you have a great experience in this fantastic game, we have prepared a guide on how to fix Roblox lag issues in 2024. These methods of fixing lag are tried and tested, so one of them will eventually help you, all you have to do is figure out what works for you and go from there!

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How to solve Roblox lag issues

Here are some of the best methods of tackling the lag in your game. Make sure you approach each method carefully, so as not to cause any issues with your computer.

  1. Delete textures
  2. Delete some temporary files
  3. Reduce the quality of the graphics
  4. Switch to a wired connection
  5. Close redundant programs
  6. Update your drivers
  7. Tweak your DNS

1. Delete textures

Believe it or not, lag can be caused by the graphics in the game, as well as your Internet connection. Deleting some textures that you don’t need can improve the game, even if it’s just a bit. Here’s how to do this:

  1. Press the Windows key and R
  2. Type in %appdata%
  3. Go to the Appdata folder
  4. Click on the Local folder
  5. Open the Roblox folder
  6. Go to Versions
  7. Open the version- folder. This one should be the latest on the list.
  8. Go to Platform content
  9. Go to the PC folder
  10. Go to the textures folder
  11. Delete all of the folders here except for studs and wangIndex
  12. Empty the Recycling Bin

Now your game should run a bit more smoothly.

2. Delete some temporary files

Temporary files are files that your computer saved onto your hard drive during its uptime, so they can also cause your games to lag. Deleting these files will lessen the processing load on your computer and make some programs and games run smoother. Just follow these steps to delete the files:

  1. Press the Windows key and R
  2. Type in %temp%. This will lead you to the temporary files folder.
  3. Press Ctlr+A to select all of the files in the folder
  4. Right-click, then Delete
  5. During this process, you might get an error message saying the file can’t be deleted. Just select Do this for all current items, then Skip
  6. Empty the Recycling Bin

This fix should have solved the lag issue. If it didn’t at least your computer should be a bit healthier now and should process commands a bit faster.

3. Reduce the quality of the graphics

This fix is similar to the first one, except you don’t have to delete anything, just change the settings a bit. Here’s how to do that:

  1. Start Roblox
  2. Enter any game
  3. Press Escape
  4. Click on the three lines that have appeared at the top-left of your screen
  5. Go to Settings
  6. Go to Graphics Mode and switch it to Manual
  7. Go to the Graphics Quality section then lower it
  8. Go back to your game

4. Switch to a wired connection

If you’re playing Roblox with a wireless connection, then you can expect more lag than usual because wireless connections are less stable than wired ones, plus there is a lot more latency with wireless connections. Simply connect your computer to your modem via an Ethernet cable and your lag should be fixed.

5. Close redundant programs

When you haven’t checked up on your computer’s health in a while, you might have some redundant programs running in the background, slowing the computer down and slowing your Internet connection. To turn off these programs, follow the provided steps:

  1. Press Ctrl+Shift+Esc to open the Task Manager
  2. Go to Processes
  3. If there is a program running in the background that you think shouldn’t be, click on it, then End task

6. Update your drivers

Drivers are another reason why your game or computer might be lagging. More specifically, the issue might be laying with the network driver. To update it, you can find it on the official website or use some sophisticated software like DriverEasy. DriverEasy lets you pinpoint the drivers that are out of date and update them with a click of a button. Here’s how to update your drivers with the program:

  1. Open DriverEasy after downloading it and installing it
  2. Click on Scan Now
  3. Go through all of the drivers and update them one by one

7. Tweak your DNS

One of the most common reasons your Internet might be lagging is a poorly-configured DNS. All you have to do is change some numbers within the internal settings and your problem should be fixed. Follow the steps below to learn how.

  1. Press the Windows key and R
  2. Type in “control”
  3. Go to Network and Internet
  4. Go to Network and Sharing Center
  5. Connections
  6. Properties
  7. Click on Internet Protocol Version 4
  8. Properties
  9. Go to the Use the following DNS server addresses option
  10. Type in the Preferred DNS server field
  11. Type in the Alternate DNS server field
  12. Validate settings upon exit should be ticked
  13. Click OK

Using any of these methods should have fixed your lag issue in Roblox. They are the most common fixes and they cover a wide range of areas, from graphical issues to ISP provider issues. If this article has helped you and if you’ve found it informative, consider checking out Roblox promo codes, it’s our treat!