How many copies did Inside sell?— 2024 statistics

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Release Date
June 29, 2016

Inside captivates players with its dark, atmospheric storytelling and innovative gameplay. Developed by Playdead, Inside sales have soared thanks to its widespread acclaim for stunning visuals and haunting narrative. With a unique blend of puzzle-solving and exploration, Inside immerses players in a mysterious world filled with intrigue and suspense. Its critical success and engaging mechanics have earned it a place among the top indie games, attracting a dedicated player base and numerous awards. Dive into Inside statistics and explore the captivating journey that has left a lasting impact on the gaming community.

Inside has sold an estimated 1.4 million copies on Steam.

(Source: VG Insights, Steam)

  • Inside has performed exceptionally well on various platforms, contributing to its overall sales success.
  • The game’s critical acclaim and multiple awards have driven its popularity and sales.
  • Inside benefited from various sales promotions and bundles, which have helped maintain steady sales figures over the years since its release.

Inside has demonstrated substantial success in the indie game market, with its strong sales performance across multiple platforms. The game’s critical acclaim and multiple awards have significantly boosted its visibility and popularity among gamers. Additionally, effective use of sales promotions and bundles has ensured a steady stream of sales over the years. This strategic approach, combined with the game’s compelling narrative and innovative gameplay, has solidified Inside’s position as a standout title in the gaming industry. The continued interest and sales indicate a lasting appeal and a robust player base that appreciates the high-quality experience the game offers.

Inside has generated an estimated $17 million in revenue on Steam.

(Source: VG Insights, VG247)

  • The game’s total revenue has been substantial, contributing significantly to Playdead’s financial success. Despite being a relatively small studio, the quality and innovation of Inside have ensured its commercial success.
  • The development of Inside was a significant undertaking for Playdead, following the success of their previous game, Limbo.
  • The game’s development was supported by funding from the Danish Film Institute, which provided substantial financial backing​ of $1 million.

Inside is remarkable success story for Playdead, contributing significantly to the studio’s financial health. Despite being a relatively small team, the high quality and innovation of the game have ensured its commercial viability. Supported by funding from the Danish Film Institute, Playdead was able to undertake this ambitious project following the success of their previous game, Limbo. The substantial revenue generated from Inside proves studio’s ability to create compelling and profitable indie games, reinforcing their reputation for excellence in the gaming industry. This financial success underscores the game’s appeal and the effective strategies employed to reach a wide audience.

Inside had an all time peak of over 3,800 concurrent players.

(Source: Steam Charts, VG Insights, Steam)

  • Inside has received Overwhelmingly Positive reviews on Steam.
  • 96% of the 53,294 user reviews for this game are positive.
  • Average play time is around 5 hours.

This level of player engagement is supported by the game’s overwhelmingly positive reviews, with 96% of the 53,294 user reviews being positive. Such high praise indicates a strong player satisfaction and a well-received gaming experience. The average playtime of around 5 hours suggests that players find the game compelling enough to complete in a single sitting, further highlighting its engaging narrative and gameplay. These factors collectively underscore the game’s ability to captivate and maintain a dedicated audience, contributing to its lasting success and reputation in the indie game market.


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