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In the ever-evolving landscape of the gaming industry, certain titles spark a blend of anticipation and inquiry. Among the upcoming entrants is ARC Raiders, a game that not only promises a riveting gaming experience but also presents a new frontier for market analysts and enthusiasts alike. As we approach its launch, the ARC Raiders sales figures are poised to be a testament to the game’s market reception and potential impact. On the other hand, a deep dive into the ARC Raiders statistics will offer a window into player engagement and the game’s performance against current industry benchmarks.

ARC Raiders release date is still unknown but it’s coming to PS5, Xbox Series X/S, and PC.

(Source: 80 Level)

  • The game was originally announced in 2021 as a co-op PvE game but has been changed to a PvP extraction experience.
  • Embark Studios’ PvPvE extraction shooter ARC Raiders have a closed alpha test exclusively on Steam.
  • Players can sign up on Steam now to participate in the closed alpha. 

Embark Studios’ sci-fi shooter ARC Raiders is into its closed alpha testing phase, providing an early look at the game’s new direction as a PvPvE extraction experience. With signups open on Steam and a new trailer showcasing pre-alpha gameplay, ARC Raiders is starting to take shape after delays and a shift away from its original co-op PvE focus. The closed alpha in late June will be the first chance for players to get hands-on time with the project and give feedback on Embark’s vision as they continue development toward an eventual full release on major consoles and PC.

ARC Raiders leaked gameplay looks good visually based on the Unreal Engine 5 graphics.

(Source: Insider Gaming)

  • ARC Raiders is an upcoming extraction shooter being developed by Embark Studios, the creators of The Finals
  • It is currently in closed testing/playtesting phase
  • Previous extraction shooters aside from Escape From Tarkov have struggled after launch or failed to gain traction
  • It remains to be seen if ARC Raiders can succeed where others have failed in challenging Tarkov’s dominance of the niche genre

The recent gameplay leak shows that ARC Raiders is shaping up to be a visually impressive extraction shooter built using Unreal Engine 5. However, the genre has proven difficult to crack, with most games failing to gain lasting popularity beyond the initial hype in the shadow of genre-defining title Escape From Tarkov. While the leaked gameplay demo provides optimism that Embark Studios is crafting polished core mechanics, the ultimate success of ARC Raiders remains uncertain. As an unproven new entry in the niche, it faces an uphill battle to not only launch smoothly but also keep players engaged long-term in order to carve a meaningful space for itself in the competitive market and become the first true challenger to Tarkov’s dominance. Only time will tell if ARC Raiders has what it takes to succeed where others have fallen short.


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