Guardians of Cloudia codes (May 2024) — windbells, maps, and leaves

With our exclusive Guardians of Cloudia codes list, you'll have access to some premium quality freebies like goldleaf, silverleaf, windbells and maps!

If you’re an avid mobile gamer then you’ve probably heard of the super popular game Guardians of Cloudia. This epic role-playing fantasy takes place in the city of Skywalker, a magical, mystical land full of endless possibilities. Gamers focus on creating a unique character and collecting numerous absolutely adorable pets, all this to meet the love of your life! If cozy games are what you’re looking for, you’ll be really happy with this title.

This open-world immersive experience is super addictive to play, even if the cutesy elements aren’t to your liking, you can combat against other players as well to evolve your characters! To help you with all this, we’ve put together a Guardians of Cloudia codes guide to help you get access to some awesome freebies.

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Active Guardians of Cloudia codes

  • GOCFMD — 3x Sacred Windbell, 180k Goldleaf, 180k Silverleaf
  • GOC777 — 10x Sacred Windbell, 100k Goldleaf, 100k Silverleaf
  • RUNRUNRUN — 5x Chicken Support Tickets, 5x Windbells, 100k Goldleaf, 100k Silverleaf
  • PUMPKIN21 — 5x Outfit Vouchers, 5x Windbells, 100k Goldleaf, 100k Silverleaf
  • SAILOR — 5x Treasure Maps, 2x Sacred Windbells, 200k Goldleaf, 200k Silverleaf

Expired Guardians of Cloudia codes

  • FASHION9527
  • VIP888
  • VIP666

What are Guardians of Cloudia codes?

What a great question! Codes are redeemable letters or numbers that game developers release so that their fans can enjoy some in-game goodies for free. These freebies can be accessories or currency that add value to the overall gaming experience.

How to redeem Guardians of Cloudia codes

It’s super easy to redeem Guardians of Cloudia codes. Here’s how you can do it too:

  1. Launch Guardians of Cloudia
  2. Go through the tutorial that opens
  3. Press the benefits button
  4. Click on exchange
  5. Receive all your freebies!

Whew! That’s everything we had to disclose about Guardians of Cloudia codes. Hey! Check out our best gacha games for many hours of gaming fun!

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