Noodle Arms codes (April 2024) — free arms and coins

With our stupendous Noodle Arms codes, you'll always have a helping 'hand' in this chaotic game!

Noodle arms has to be one of the most unique concepts in Roblox, we’ve come across in a while. The game mechanics work against you as you try and make sense of all your extended limbs. Grabbing coins and making your way around the map is tricky but full of fun!

If you can use your long arms to your advantage, then you’ll get a hang of this game in no time. Also, we have some additional help for you in the form of some redeemable codes that we have compiled in this comprehensive Noodle Arms codes guide. So, you keep your head on the game and we’ll worry about the freebies.

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Active Noodle Arms codes

  • freezer — Ice Cube Arms
  • wheat — Bread Arms
  • swiss — Cheese Arms
  • meteor — Meteor Arms
  • alber — Chill Arms
  • dreamsword — Dream Sword
  • freeCoins — 50 Coins
  • cashmoney — 100 Coins
  • extraCoins — 100 Coins
  • magma — 100 Coins
  • bagofCoins — 100 Coins
  • treasureupdatehype — 250 Coins
  • volcanic — 100 Coins
  • superhot — 50 Coins
  • burning — 50 Coins

Expired Noodle Arms codes

Fortunately, there are no expired Noodle Arms codes. So, just enjoy the active ones!

What are Noodle Arms codes?

Noodle Arms codes are just a way to get some awesome freebies in your game. These freebies can be currency, accessories or even cosmetics. It’s always a great idea to bookmark your favorite code guides to be updated with the latest developments.

How to redeem Noodle Arms codes

It’s super simple to redeem Noodle Arms codes. Just follow these short steps:

  1. Launch Noodle Arms
  2. Click on the Twitter button on the side
  3. Enter an active code from our list
  4. Hit redeem
  5. Enjoy all the free items!

That’s it, folks. We hope you have an amazing time getting all your long limbs under control! Besides, if you’re in the market for some additional freebies, we encourage you to check out our Roblox Promo codes to get some awesome finds.