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How many copies did Outlast sell? — 2024 statistics

Every shadow has a scream!

Release Date
September 4, 2013
Survival horror
Red Barrels
Red Barrels

Imagine plunging into a world of relentless terror and psychological dread—that’s what Outlast delivers. Created by Red Barrels, this game has set a high standard in the horror genre. The impressive Outlast sales figures show its widespread appeal and gripping gameplay. Additionally, the Outlast statistics show strong community engagement and positive reviews, reflecting the game’s lasting impact. By strategically launching on various platforms and featuring on services like PS Plus, Outlast has cemented its place as a favorite among horror game enthusiasts.

The Outlast series sold over 15 million copies across all platforms.

(Source:, VG Insights)

  • The Outlast series has achieved significant commercial success by selling this amount of copies.
  • Original Outlast sold around 5 million units on Steam alone.
  • Outlast 2 sold over 1.2 million units on Steam.

Outlast has proven to be a monumental success in the horror gaming genre. The series has sold over 15 million copies across all platforms, a testament to its gripping and immersive gameplay. The commercial success of Outlast is reflected in its impressive sales figures and strong community support. With the original game and its sequel both performing exceptionally well, the franchise has established itself as a staple in horror gaming. The strategic platform releases and positive reception have ensured that Outlast continues to captivate and terrify players around the world.

Outlast franchise has generated over $64 million in total revenue for Red Barrels.

(Source:, VG Insights)

  • Original Outlast generated around 40 million in revenue on Steam.
  • Outlast 2 has generated over 24 million in revenue.

The financial success of the Outlast franchise is undeniable, with the series generating over $64 million in total revenue for Red Barrels. This impressive figure highlights the game’s ability to captivate a wide audience and maintain strong sales over time. The strategic release of expansions and sequels, combined with its popularity among horror game fans, has ensured that Outlast remains a significant player in the gaming industry. This robust revenue performance underscores the game’s impact and the effective marketing strategies employed by Red Barrels.

Outlast had a budget of $1.4 million for the first game.


  • Outlast 2 had a much larger budget of around $7 million.
  • Outlast 2 took longer to develop (3 years instead of 2).
  • Red Barrels couldn’t find investors, with VCs preferring to invest $50,000 in 10 projects rather than $500,000 in Outlast.

The development journey of Outlast started with a modest budget of $1.4 million for the first game, highlighting the resourcefulness of Red Barrels in creating a high-impact horror experience on a tight budget. The sequel, Outlast 2, saw a significant increase in both budget and development time, reflecting the studio’s ambition and commitment to enhancing the game’s scope and quality. Despite initial challenges in securing funding, Red Barrels’ perseverance paid off, as the series went on to become a major success, demonstrating the potential for indie games to achieve substantial commercial and critical acclaim.

Outlast had an all time peak of 11,684 players.

(Source: Steam Charts, Steam)

  • Outlast 2 has an all time peak of 5,966 concurrent players.
  • Outlast has an Overwhelmingly Positive review score, with 96% of the 83,387 user reviews being positive.
  • Outlast 2 has a Very Positive review score with over 41,000 reviews and 91% of recent reviews being positive.

Outlast has clearly resonated with players, maintaining an impressive peak of 11,684 concurrent players. The game’s strong appeal is reflected in its Overwhelmingly Positive review score on Steam, with a vast majority of user reviews being favorable. Outlast 2 also enjoys a Very Positive review score, indicating consistent satisfaction among players. These metrics highlight the series’ ability to captivate and engage a dedicated audience, solidifying its reputation as a standout title in the horror genre. The positive reception and active player base are testaments to the compelling and immersive experiences that Outlast provides.


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