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How many copies did Psychonauts sell? — 2024 statistics

Mind games and mental gymnastics in a psychically powered playground.

Release Date
April 19, 2005
Double Fine
Xbox Game Studios

The Psychonauts takes us on a wild ride through the human mind! With quirky characters, mind-bending levels, and a whole lot of psychic powers – it’s a true cult classic. Let’s dive into the fascinating Psychonauts statistics and see what makes this weird and wonderful franchise tick. After all, the series boasts strong Psychonauts sales – a testament to its unique appeal.

Psychonauts has sold a total of 1,697,070 units across all platforms as of December 2015.

(Source: VGChartz, VG247)

  • Majesco encountered severe financial losses after the game’s release and departed from the video game market.
  • In 2011, Double Fine acquired the rights to republish the game through digital distribution with updates.
  • Double Fine reported that their own sales of the game have far exceeded what was initially sold, with nearly 1.7 million cumulative sales as of December 2015.
  • The game has earned numerous awards and developed a cult following over time.

While Psychonauts struggled commercially upon its initial 2005 release due to the financial troubles of publisher Majesco, the cult classic has seen new life and success in recent years. Double Fine’s acquisition of the rights allowed them to bring the game to new platforms through digital distribution, updating it for modern systems. This expanded access to the game has clearly resonated strongly with audiences, as cumulative sales have far surpassed the original release according to Double Fine. Though it did not find a mass audience upon launch, Psychonauts has endured to become beloved by its fans, praised for its creative design and winning numerous awards.

Psychonauts sold over 2.1 million units on Steam up to this date.

(Source: Video Game Insights)

  • It has a very positive review rating of 95.1% from over 109,000 reviews.
  • The average play time is 25.7 hours and median is 18 hours.

This indicates the game has appealed to and been purchased by many players over its lifetime available on Steam. The extremely positive review rating of 95.1% also shows it is well-loved among those who have played it. Both the average and median play times are quite high as well, showing the game holds players’ attention for over 18 hours on average. This lengthy play time further demonstrates the game’s engaging and replayable design that keeps players immersed in its world.

Psychonauts gross revenue reached $12.6 million on Steam.

(Source: Video Game Insights)

  • It currently has a 70% discount, priced at $2.99.
  • The average price in the last 6 months was $8.52 with a 15% discount.  

While newer than many other games in its genre, Psychonauts has still managed to perform very well on Steam overall. Its sales and revenue numbers place it among the top games in several ranking categories on the site. This suggests the unique gameplay concept and development studio’s creative vision have resonated widely with Steam users. Even with many newer platformers and adventure titles released since, Psychonauts maintains a very active and dedicated fan base that continues to support and recommend the game. Its ongoing sales and discounts also allow new players to continually discover its critical acclaimed title years after its original launch.

Psychonauts 2 is now Double Fine’s best-selling game,  it must have sold at least 1.7 million copies.

(Source: The Gamer)

  • The original Psychonauts had sold at least 1.7 million copies as of its last reported sales figure.
  • It’s unclear if this sales figure reported by the art director includes copies sold via Xbox Game Pass.

While Xbox typically does not share specific sales figures for its first-party games, the art director’s comments confirm that Psychonauts 2 has outsold the original Psychonauts to become Double Fine’s best-selling game ever. As the original had sold at least 1.7 million copies in its last reported sales update, this means Psychonauts 2 has sold a minimum of 1.7 million copies as well to claim the top spot. However, it remains unclear if this figure accounts for copies distributed through Xbox Game Pass. Nevertheless, the success of Psychonauts 2 demonstrates the strong fan following for the beloved franchise and marks a major commercial milestone for developer Double Fine.

Psychonauts 2 sold over 323,000 units on Steam.

(Source: Video Game Insights)

It has over 96.7% positive reviews on Steam.
The game has an average play time of 27.1 hours.

Psychonauts 2 has been very successful in terms of units sold on Steam. Within its first year of release it sold over 323,000 copies, showing strong consumer interest and demand for the game. With high review scores and average play times as well, the sales numbers indicate that players are enjoying their purchase and getting good value. This level of sales performance bodes well for the future of the franchise and suggests the game found a sizable audience on the PC platform through Steam.

Psychonauts 2 revenue reached $13.6 million on Steam.

(Source: Video Game Insights)

  • It was released on Steam on August 24, 2021 for $29.99
  • Now its 50% off.

The revenue numbers for Psychonauts 2 are also quite positive. In its first year it generated $13.6 million in gross revenue for the developers and publishers. Given that it launched at the higher price point of $29.99 before discounts, this revenue figure demonstrates that many players were willing to pay full price for the game upfront. Even with subsequent sales, the revenue earned still puts the game in the upper percentiles compared to other Steam titles. This level of financial success means the game was able to more than recoup its development costs and provide a profitable return on the investment for its backers.

Psychonauts 2 had successfully reached its $3.3 million crowdfunding goal on Fig.

  • The funding was combined with money from Double Fine Productions and an unnamed partner to fund development.
  • The original Psychonauts sold over 1.6 million copies over 10+ years, with the majority of sales coming after being released on Steam years later.
  • In addition to the sequel, Double Fine was developing a Psychonauts virtual reality experience for PlayStation VR.

While fans had to wait several more years for the game’s projected 2018 release date, reaching the $3.3 million goal through Fig crowdfunding ensured that Double Fine could fully fund development. The original Psychonauts proved to have enduring popularity through strong Steam sales years after launch, showing there was continued interest in the franchise. In addition to Psychonauts 2, fans had another experience to look forward to with the VR title in development for PSVR. After over a decade, it seemed the cult classic series was poised for a comeback thanks to the support of new and old fans through alternative crowdfunding.


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