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How many copies did Raft sell? — 2024 statistics

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June 20, 2022
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Exploring Raft sales reveals a fascinating journey of success for this popular survival game. From its early days, “Raft” captivated players, quickly becoming a top contender on Steam. The game’s unique premise and engaging gameplay have kept players hooked, driving impressive sales and a loyal fanbase. When examining Raft statistics, the game’s achievements are clear. It has maintained strong player engagement and high download numbers, reflecting its widespread appeal and the dedicated community that supports it. Whether you’re interested in the game’s revenue, player counts, or sales milestones, Raft stands out as a remarkable success story in the gaming industry.

Raft sold over 13 million copies on Steam.

(Source: VG Insights, PC Gamer)

  • Two weeks after its launch, Raft became the third most played game on Steam, selling over 400,000 copies.
  • The developer version was downloaded over seven million times by late May 2017.
  • Raft’s sales on Steam exceeded the developers’ expectations, despite their initial uncertainty about how well it would sell.

The remarkable journey of Raft on Steam is a testament to its widespread appeal and the dedication of its developers. From its humble beginnings, the game quickly captured the hearts of players, becoming a standout success story. The initial surge in popularity, combined with the sustained interest over time, highlights the game’s ability to engage and retain a large player base. This success not only exceeded the developers’ expectations but also set a high standard for indie games on the platform. “Raft’s” impressive sales and strong community support underscore its impact in the gaming world, showcasing how innovative gameplay and continuous updates can drive a game’s long-term success.

Raft generated revenue of over $190 million on Steam.

(PCGamesN, VG Insights)

  • The game was highly successful right from its early access release, with significant sales figures driven by frequent updates and a strong community following.
  • The game saw impressive sales, particularly during major events like the Steam Summer Sale, where it topped the charts.

The financial success of Raft is a clear indicator of its strong market presence and the effectiveness of its development and marketing strategies. From the very beginning, the game resonated with players, leading to impressive sales figures right out of early access. Key events like the Steam Summer Sale further propelled its popularity, cementing its status as a top seller. This sustained commercial performance highlights the game’s ability to maintain interest and engagement through continuous updates and a robust community following. Overall, “Raft’s” journey is a shining example of how a well-crafted game can achieve significant financial success and a loyal player base.

Raft had an all time peak of over 101,000 concurrent players on Steam.

(Source: SteamDB, Steam)

  • Over the years, the player base has fluctuated but maintained a solid average.
  • The game has a Very Positive review score based on over 267,000 reviews.
  • 93% of reviews are positive.
  • Average play time is over 25 hours.

Despite fluctuations over the years, the game has maintained a strong and dedicated player base. With a peak of over 101,000 concurrent players on Steam, it’s clear that “Raft” has captivated a wide audience. The game boasts a “Very Positive” review score, with 93% of over 267,000 reviews being favorable. Additionally, players invest significant time in the game, with the average playtime exceeding 25 hours. These metrics confirm the game’s lasting appeal and its ability to keep players engaged and satisfied over time.


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