How to fix Roblox error code 103 on Xbox

The dreadful Roblox error 103 analyzed and solved!

Errors are commonplace when we’re dealing with games as large as Roblox, as the system cannot always run smoothly, leading to problems down the line which can be frustrating and hard to deal with. Errors have codes attached to them so you can pinpoint the reason for the error and so you can know how to fix it.

Error 103, however, is a tough cookie. It appears on the Xbox version of Roblox and usually has something to do with your date of birth, among other things. To clear up all of the confusion of this error, we’re going to provide you with a detailed description of Roblox error code 103 and how to fix it so you can continue to enjoy your game.

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What is error code 103 in Roblox?

Error 103 is tied to the date of birth on your account and can conflict with the game rules, preventing you from playing properly. This error is most prevalent on Xbox consoles, as PC players report very rarely seeing that error, and if they do, it’s a matter of Chrome disagreeing with an antivirus. Either way, this error is relatively common and it can be fixed if you’re willing to go through the process, but you don’t need to be technically savvy to solve the issue, so don’t worry.

How to fix Roblox error code 103

The central focus of this error can be child accounts and preventing them from joining the game for whatever reason, but this isn’t the only cause of the issue, as you can have a bad game installation, as well as firmware issues. Here are the most common solutions to the error:

  1. Creating a new Roblox account
  2. Forwarding the ports used by Roblox
  3. Managing the Content From Other People setting in the Options
  4. Reinstalling Roblox
  5. Power cycling

1. Creating a new Roblox account

One of the most obvious solutions you should take into consideration is tackling the date of birth issue directly by creating a new account. Of course, the issue might resolve itself once your account crosses the “safe” threshold as your age crosses 14, indicating that you’re more mature. If there’s a long way to go until then, you should create a new account altogether. Also, if you are not an adult, you can ask one of your parents to create an account for you. Here’s how to do that.

  1. Go to the Roblox login page
  2. Enter your date of birth, password, and username
  3. Add your email address
  4. Confirm the email address
  5. Add 2 Step Verification if you desire, and change up the settings to suit you
  6. Next, you have to verify your age
  7. Go to Settings
  8. Account Information
  9. Verify Age
  10. Follow the prompts until it is verified

If this doesn’t solve your issue, then it might be a deeper issue and you should continue to one of the other options here.

2. Forwarding the ports used by Roblox

Next up we’re going to be ticking off port forwarding. If some ports on your side do not agree with Roblox, you can have conflicts and errors, like 103. For this solution, you can turn on UPnP in the settings of your router, which should fix your problem.

Enabling UPnP

Open your browser and type in one of the IPs provided below. If these don’t work, look up how to access the settings of your specific router. If you can now access the settings, congratulations, it worked!

  1. Since you should be in the login menu now, you can go ahead and type in your login information
  2. In the Settings, look for NAT Forwarding in the Advanced Menu
  3. Find an option for UPnP
  4. Enable it
  5. Save and exit

Just like the previous solution, your game should be fixed right now, if not, continue to the next solution.

3. Managing the Content From Other People setting in the Options

Since Roblox is a game that is usually marketed towards kids, and kids form the largest percentage of the player base, many accounts have a restriction set on them to prevent undesirable content to be shown. This can cause error 103 even if you’re an adult. Nonetheless, it is always good to check the Settings, just in case.

  1. Go to your Parent account on your Xbox
  2. Go to My Apps and Games
  3. Go to Settings
  4. Find the Family section
  5. Select the Child account
  6. Go to Settings on the Child account
  7. Find the See content other people make option
  8. Allow it
  9. Restart the console and try connecting again

4. Reinstalling Roblox

One of the best solutions, when you’re having any technical problem, is to turn it off then back on again. It is a tried and tested method that rarely fails, and we’re going to try to do the same here.

  1. In your Xbox, go to My Apps and Games
  2. Find Roblox in your list of apps
  3. Once you select the game, press Start and go to Manage game
  4. Click on uninstall all
  5. Restart the console
  6. Reinstall Roblox and try to play again

5. Power cycling

Another method of clearing the error out is to power cycle your console. This is a deeper restart process that might fix any lingering errors Roblox might be causing within the system. Here’s how to do it:

  1. Turn on your Xbox
  2. Make sure that it’s idle
  3. Press and hold the power button on your Xbox until the LED turns off
  4. Wait one minute
  5. Disconnect any cables that are plugged into your Xbox
  6. After the minute is up, turn the console back on as you’d usually do
  7. Try to play Roblox now

There you have it! All of the possible solutions to error 103 in Roblox. It is a peculiar error that is more difficult to solve than others, so you have to be quite diligent to fix it. If you’ve tried all of the methods provided in this list, then it would be best to contact Roblox Support so they can look into the issue. That is the worst-case scenario, but your game should be running smoothly now, and you should reward yourself with some Roblox promo codes!