RoCitizens codes (April 2024) — lots of trophies and money

With our RoCitizens codes list, you'll have enough trophies and money to make your way to the very top!

If you’ve ever wanted a game like The Sims to come to Roblox, this might be the closest they have to one. Just like in The Sims, you get to live out ordinary life events in Robloxia with your character. You can get a job, complete quests, make homes and style them or do whatever you want in the game, that’s the beauty of RPG games!

The game is an absolute hoot but to get ahead you can require some additional cash to keep things rolling, that’s where we come in. Our extensive RoCitizens codes guide will provide you with enough freebies to make sure that you continue to have a blast.

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Active RoCitizens codes

  • SweetTweets —$2,500, 1x Twitter Trophy
  • truefriend — $4,000, 1x Pet Rock
  • rosebud — $3,000
  • easteregg  $1,337
  • code  $10
  • headlesscodeman — 3k Candy
  • MILLION — $2,500, 1x Trophy
  • goodneighbor  $2,500, 1x Trophy
  • letsdosomelaundry  $5,000
  • discordance  $3,500, 1x Discord Trophy

Expired RoCitizens codes

  • bugsareannoying
  • gimmegimmegimme
  • allthemoola
  • canigetahottub
  • cornerpocket
  • ggpd
  • goodluckspellingsovereignty
  • rainyday
  • youwishyouhadafish
  • ihaveafish
  • coldhardcash
  • alittlesomething
  • letsdosomelaundry
  • xmas19
  • rocitizens6th
  • 500million
  • 20valentine
  • supdatember
  • cantthinkofcodenames
  • ilovefirebrand1
  • xmasbonus

What are RoCitizens codes?

If you’re wondering what codes are, wonder no more! Game developers release codes in the form of numbers to allow users access to some in-game freebies to sweeten the deal and lessen the grind. These codes are redeemable for a certain period and more get added all the time.

How to redeem RoCitizens codes

It’s super simple. Just follow these steps to redeem RoCitizens codes:

  1. Launch RoCitizens
  2. Press the green shopping cart icon on the left
  3. Paste or punch in an active code in the textbox
  4. Hit redeem
  5. Have a blast with all the free stuff!

Hallelujah! There you have it, everything that you need to know about RoCitizens codes. Also, if you or a friend of yours is into gacha games, we recommend checking out our best gacha games or for awesome Roblox freebies check out Roblox promo codes list as well.