Speed City codes (June 2024) — trails, crates and other epic freebies

Our epic Speed City codes list will satisfy your need for speed! Letting you become one of the top racers in all of Robloxia.

Speed City is a Roblox adventure game by developer Meltedway, released on the 9th of December 2018. Speed City is the sequel to Speed Simulator and is significantly more advanced in some respects. Since it first launched in 2018, it has accumulated almost 300 million total visits, as well as almost 800,000 favorites and an average of 1000 players playing concurrently.

There is a lot to this game, and even more to wrap your head around if you would like to thrive in it so in order to give you the maximum chance to succeed at it, we’ve compiled a Speed City codes guide for you to relish. So, sit back, relax and give it your best shot!

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Active Speed City codes

Here are all the currently available Speed City codes. These codes don’t last forever, so be sure to activate them ASAP and bookmark this page to stay up-to-date with new codes as they become available!

  • noobsquad — Free Trail
  • TofuuTurtle — Mini Me Trail 
  • Testing — Testing Trail 
  • OldGame — Speed Simulator Trail 
  • EliteCity — House Trail 
  • Portal — Bubble Trouble Trail 
  • Christmas — Holiday Crate Trail
  • Christmas — Holiday Crate
  • ghostly — Free Trail 
  • trillion — Daddeemike603 Trail
  • billion — Shadanway Trail 
  • Galaxy — Purple Trail 
  • 3000speed — Money Trail 
  • 3hours — Gear Trail 
  • SimulatorGame Simulator — Game Trail 

Expired Speed City codes

These are all the codes that have recently become unavailable, meaning the developer has deactivated them or that they were time-sensitive and have now expired:

  • spooky — Ghost Trail 

What are Speed City codes?

Codes are symbols, numbers, letters or phrases that can be entered and redeemed to get access to freebies and other goodies. These expire and release every now and then so make sure you bookmark this page for constant information.

How to redeem Speed City codes

It is relatively easy to redeem Speed City codes. Here’s how:

  1. Enter the Speed City game
  2. Go to the big yellow building where you spawn.
  3. Look for the big yellow rings and signs attached to them.
  4. One sign will read ‘codes’.
  5. Simply head towards it and click “TYPE CODE HERE”,
  6. Punch in one of the awesome codes from the list above
  7. Hit ‘enter’
  8. Enjoy all the goodies!

Voila! That’s it. Everything there is to know about Speed City codes. Wait up! If you are looking for some other great gaming experiences check out our best gacha games or for awesome Roblox freebies check out Roblox promo codes list as well.