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Strucid is a popular online battle royale shooter released in 2018 and developed using the Roblox engine. Like Fortnite and Island Royale, Strucid is a multiplayer game with tons of costumes, accessories, and guns you can buy to customize your look and loadout.

The rarer and more advanced customizations can cost a pretty penny to purchase. If you need a quick injection of Strucid Coins, Robux, or items, we’ve compiled a complete list of all the Strucid codes currently active as of October 2020.

Where Can I Find Strucid Codes?

Strucid’s developer Phoenix Signs has a Twitter account where he occasionally announces Strucid codes. Follow his account or keep this page bookmarked if you want the latest codes as soon as they’re released. Just remember: many Strucid codes are time-limited, so you’ll have to be quick if you want to claim the prizes!

What Can I Buy with Strucid Coins?

Strucid coins are used to purchase cases containing loot. The more expensive the case, the more likely it will contain a rare item within. As is the case in most games with lootbox mechanics, the most expensive cases — Legendary Cases — give you the most bang for your buck. They’ll cost you around 150,000 coins to purchase, so you’re not likely to ever earn enough to buy one without spending some real money. However, Diamond Cases, which sell for 5,000 coins each in the Strucid Coin Shop, are a great value purchase.

Every Diamond Case has a 72% chance of containing a Rare item, a 25% chance of containing an Epic item, and a 3% chance of containing a Legendary item. You probably won’t be strutting around in Strucid with a whole loadout of Legendary loot, but the Epic and Rare drops you’ll get from your Diamond Cases will keep you competitive in any matchup.

Active Strucid Codes

Strucid codes gift players with awesome loot that is instantly rewarded to their account. The prizes you get from Strucid codes include Strucid Coins, free items, or Robux. Below, we’ve compiled a list of all the currently active Strucid codes.

Strucid Codes
christmas 5,000 Strucid coins
joehe5,000 Strucid coins
sup5,000 Strucid coins
Oneyear5,000 Strucid coins
FIRE2,000 Strucid coins
AD5,000 Strucid coins
100M100M Pickaxe
GLIDER5,000 Strucid coins

How to Redeem Your Strucid Codes

We’re sure you’re buzzing to try out all these awesome Strucid codes, but how do you know how to redeem them?

It’s actually pretty simple; log into Strucid. In the menu, you’ll find an empty box on the right-hand side of your screen and a Redeem button just below it. You can type in (or copy-paste) any valid Strucid code in the box and claim your prize by clicking Redeem.

Redeem Strucid Code

Why Doesn’t My Strucid Code Work?

If the code you typed in is legitimate, you will receive the rewards right away. However, if the code is invalid, either due to a typo or because the code has expired, then the game will display an alert notifying you that the code is invalid. Pay extra attention to how you type your Strucid codes; they’re case sensitive so upper and lowercase letters make a difference. Also, you can’t redeem a code more than once on the same account.

We may earn a commission for purchases using our links. Learn more.

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