Adorable Home codes (July 2024) — free hearts and love!

Finally, a cute, cozy, calming and relaxing game that we’re addicted to. If you want an escape from your problems, troubles and daily stresses, this is THE game for you. Not only are we obsessed with the fact that you can build a home, pick a partner and raise pets with them but also the in-game currency is love?! How cute is that? Also, the game’s unique art style really adds to its overall whimsical feel.

You play Adorable Home in real-time, so keep checking what’s happening in the game every now and then. To help with that we have come up with a handy Adorable Home codes guide to give you access to some awesome free stuff. With abundant customization, personalization and creative options available, you can make your life in Adorable Home as realistic or fantastic as you want. So let your imagination run wild in this one-of-a-kind mobile game.

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Active Adorable Home codes

Whoops! There are currently no active codes, but keep checking back, as we will keep this page updated as new ones come in!

Expired Adorable Home codes

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What are Adorable Home codes?

We’re glad you asked! Adorable Home codes are phrases of letters and numbers that the super cool developers of the game, release every so often to give their players some awesome freebies to make use of in the game. New codes are released as old codes expire so bookmark this page to stay updated.

How to redeem Adorable Home codes?

Thanks for asking. This is what you need to do to redeem Adorable Home codes:

  1. Boot up the game
  2. Press the house icon in the bottom-right corner
  3. Click on the settings tab
  4. Hit the grey lockbox with the heart in the top-right corner
  5. Choose the box that says ‘enter the code’
  6. Type in or paste your active redemption code
  7. Click confirm
  8. Enjoy the free love!

Simple and easy! Every little detail regarding Adorable Home codes is now yours. So go have fun!

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