Anime Tappers codes (May 2024) — pets & yen

Anime Tappers codes list, you'll always have a bunch of great freebies helping you play the game!

Anime Tappers is a super fun Roblox title that mixes all the anime goodness you can think of with the tapping, we’ve all come to know and love from the Roblox platform. This chaotic and fun mesh makes for an abundance of fun times, so you’ll love playing this game no matter what!

Collect taps, pets and fight with multiple bosses to get on top of the leaderboards. Our Anime Tappers codes guide will surely help you with this mission. So while you complete all the various quests and challenges, we’ll be right here trying to provide you with the best in-game freebies that we can get.

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Active Anime Tappers codes

  • UPDATE6 — Taps, Yen
  • SAO — Taps, Yen
  • LUCK — 10 Minutes of Super Luck
  • UPDATE — 3x Yen for 10 Minutes
  • RAGE — Purps Pet
  • AOGIRITREE — Taps, Yen
  • GHOUL — Taps, Yen
  • JUZO — Spooky Juzo Pet
  • GHOST — Ghost Cursor
  • HALLOWEEN — Taps, Yen
  • FULLMETAL — Taps & Yen
  • NOFEAR — Adult Gon Pet
  • X3TAPANESE — 10 minutes of 3x Taps
  • ULTRADUCKY — 5 Minutes of Ultra Luck
  • DUNGEONS — Taps, Yen
  • LUCKYDUCKY — 5 minutes of Super Luck
  • YEN — Yen
  • YUMMYYEN — Yen
  • BRAWL — Rock Lee Pet
  • ONEPIECE — Taps, Yen
  • TITAN — Taps, Yen
  • SLEEPY — Zenitsu Sleepy Pet
  • SAIYAN — 250 Yen
  • POWER UP — 900 Taps
  • FEAR — Pet
  • TOADBOI — ToadBoi Pet
  • RELEASE — 1,000 Taps

Expired Anime Tappers codes

There are currently no expired Anime Tappers codes. Isn’t that awesome?

What are Anime Tappers codes?

We would love to tell you. Basically, Anime Tappers codes are a great way to redeem some freebies like accessories, cosmetics and cash that help lessen the grind and double the fun. So, bookmark this codes guide to always stay updated.

How to redeem Anime Tappers codes

It’s super easy to redeem Anime Tappers codes. Here’s how:

  1. Launch Anime Tappers
  2. Click on the Twitter button on the side
  3. Enter an active code in the redemption window
  4. Tap redeem
  5. Enjoy all your freebies!

That’s all, folks! Hope you have a great gaming experience and love playing the game with our Anime Tappers codes. Plus, if you or someone you know needs some inventory fillers on Roblox or some extra freebies, then we have a bunch of them over at our Roblox promo codes article.