Best Grim Dawn mods you must install

Since Diablo 2, there are tons of games that battle for the best ARPG (Action Role-Playing Game) available for the community. And without a doubt, Crate Entertainments’ Grim Dawn is one of those video games that take it to another level. First of all, you have that dark but attractive setting where you can find any threats right around the corner. Secondly, you have the freedom to make your character with tons of options.

Since you have the opportunity to opt between two different “masteries” that come with tons of skills, the base game gives you choices to make. At the same time, you have that replayability to see if another combo would make things better/worse in your journey. Most noteworthy, the equipment that you could find in your “run” would give you better tools to destroy all of your enemies.

The gameplay mechanics of the game take advantage of the Mouse and Keyboard combo. Still, though, you could use a controller to play the game. As a result, you have all the possible tools to make your journey entertaining and more immersive. Therefore, you can activate your abilities with ease and destroy anything that crosses your path.

Lastly, you have the chance to play the entire game with a couple of friends. Indeed, you have the opportunity to play with three friends and create chaos as your travel between maps. With that kind of flexibility, you could see how all of the different builds can create synergy between players. Above all, the difficulty scales with each player, making it difficult with a full party.

Besides all of the positive characteristics of Grim Dawn, you have the opportunity to extend your gaming sessions by adding mods. Even though the base game’s own content is vast and exciting, you have the chance to grow it with outstanding options. You may need some tutorials to start your first mods, but nothing will stop you once you have everything sorted out.

Before you start looking for modding options, it is recommendable that you get all the expansions installed on your computer (For example, Forgotten Gods). Overall, some of these options require some files from official sources. Additionally, you could find almost all of the mods on the “nexus mods” website, all of them for free.

In this list, we divided the best Grimd Dawn Mods into two different categories. On the one hand, you have those mods that exchange your playthroughs with better options. Hence you can find tools that extend the UI (User Interface) or improve your inventory. In contrast, though, you’ll discover modding possibilities in the second part of the list that adds different elements to the game. For example, you could find mods with new items, new masteries, or even new skills.

Without further ado, here you have the best Grim Dawn mods:

1. Item Assistant

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These unique modding tools give us the chance to have everything stored in a separate section. Therefore, we always have room for all those future builds that you can try in the future or for alts (alternative characters) that could need more equipment. To make it work, you need to disable the “cloud saving” feature from Steam and the game itself. Afterward, whenever you leave items in stash 4, the program will “acquire” them and save them. Later on, when you want your item back, use the Item Assitant program to transfer it. If you did all the steps correctly, you’d see the equipment in stash 3. This tool helps the player in itemization, managing, and saving possible picks for the future.

2. Rainbow Filter

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When you start the game with a tool like this one, you will see many exciting additions to Grim Dawn. First of all, you have the chance to know the name of the items according to their rarity. Therefore, you can easily differentiate (besides the color effects) when you have a good drop in the ground. Secondly, in the game properties, you could see different word colors depending on their attributes and effects. For example, you could see light-blue words in the item’s description if it deals cold damage. With this tool at your disposal, you have the chance to see quickly if the equipment is worth getting or letting rot in the ground.

3. Grim Internals Tool

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Play Grim Dawn as you’ll like with the freedom that this modding tool gives you. After you have everything sorted out, you could use the Grim Internals console to add/remove features for your gaming sessions. First of all, you could auto-pick everything you see on the map without using your mouse/controller. Therefore, you’ll have fewer distractions in the middle of the fight. Secondly, you can load an interface that tracks the number of kills and the types of items you found. Most noteworthy, you can even see the buffs/debuffs effects and their duration. Having Grim Internals in your game will give you many advantages as you try to farm the rarest equipment in Grim Dawn.

4. GD Stash Tool

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It works similarly to the Item Assistant Tool, but GDStash gives exciting options to the players. One of the further additions in this modding tool is the ability to add/remove player data. Hence, if you have any difficulties with your saved data, you can correct them in a matter of seconds. Furthermore, you have the chance to craft a new item for your characters. Indeed, you could have anything that Grim Dawn offers, from common to legendary.

Moreover, with the right affixes, you can increase the effectiveness of the item. Lastly, you can see your entire collection of goods and check whether you should keep or discard any equipment in your inventory. The GdStash gives the QoL (Quality of Life) that Grim Dawn needs to stay afloat for more months (or years).

5. Grim Quest (Titan Quest)

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If you want to merge the experience between Grim Dawn’s Cairn and Titan Quest’s Greece, you now have that opportunity. With Grim Quest, you can add more tools to your character by getting the “old” masteries to this game. Besides the lines needed to make every single ability work (with their actual cooldowns) in Grim Dawn, you also get the sounds and special effects. Since both games are similar, the addition of these masteries will give you better ways to play Grim Dawn. Indeed, if you pass beyond the end game and need better ways to enhance the game’s melee and magic capabilities, you should try this mod.

6. Grim Dawn Reborn

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Enhance the way you play this game with tons of changes, which makes it changeling. Between it all, you get changes in classes, skills, further itemization, more loot, and monster infrequent overhaul. The modder goal is to keep Grim Dawn interesting to those who already have a lot of experience in the game but want even more. As a result, you can see modifications that give more deeply gameplay elements. At the same time, it aims to make all the possible archetypes viable to the game and more fun to play.

7. Path of Grim Dawn (Path of Exile)

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Even though PoE and Grim Dawn share the RPG genre, they have different gameplay mechanics that make them unique. Still, though, with this mod, you have the chance to have a mixture of both in a single game. Above all, the modder’s primary goal is to merge both game’s playstyle. In other words, you will see alterations as Mob Density increased, speeds caps altered, cooldowns removed/reduced. At the same time, you can find Path of Exile skills to try in this mod.

8. Diablo 3 Classes

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Diablo III takes its turn in this merging of similar video game styles. You can play all the original classes from Diablo and test them with this game’s engine with this mod. Furthermore, you can find new equipment (over 600) for your new characters and ways to improve their effectiveness on the battlefield. Most noteworthy, you can find the Kanai’s Cube, which adds more depth to the game and lets you try “mythical” skills on your enemies. Lastly, you can explore the different game maps with new bosses and cosmetics. Moreover, you can add the Aetherial ReShade and change the game’s aesthetic to a Diablo-like way.

9. Cataclysm

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When you cannot wait for a Grim Dawn 2, you could try this mod and see what might appear in the main game. When you install the mod, you can have eight new masteries to combine between them or the older options. For example, you can pick the Druid mastery, which adds many support abilities that aim to heal your party. Furthermore, the mob density increases with this mod, giving you more challenging battles and more monsters to slain. If you see potential from the modder, you can also download and try Apocalypse, a rework from Cataclysm. At the moment, you can find more masteries to try and combine. Additionally, there is more equipment, blueprints to craft.

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