How many copies did Control sell? — 2024 statistics

In the Bureau, nothing is as it seems!

Release Date
August 27, 2019
Remedy Entertainment
505 Games

In Control, players step into a world of supernatural phenomena and government conspiracies, centered around the enigmatic Federal Bureau of Control. The Control sales figures highlight the game’s impressive reach, with over 3 million copies sold worldwide. Exploring Control statistics, it’s clear the game has captivated a vast audience, evidenced by its strong player engagement globally. Remedy Entertainment’s investment in high production values and innovative gameplay has paid off, making Control a standout title in the gaming world.

Control sold more than 3 million units globally.

(Source: Game World Observer, eXputer)

  • Control had sold over 2 million copies by December 2020.
  • The game’s strong sales and profitability likely contributed to the decision to greenlight a sequel with a much larger budget.

The impressive sales of Control, surpassing 3 million units globally, indicate its widespread appeal and commercial success. The game’s strong market performance likely played a key role in the decision to greenlight a sequel with a significantly larger budget. This success story reflects Remedy Entertainment’s ability to create engaging and high-quality games that resonate with a broad audience. The game’s profitability and critical acclaim underscore its impact within the gaming industry and set a promising stage for future installments.

Control had a $32 million budget.

(Source: eXputer,)

  • Budget was financed 50/50 by Remedy and Digital Bros’ subsidiary 505 Games.
  • Digital Bros is investing $54 million in the development of Control 2
  • Also is investing $27 million in its multiplayer spin-off Condor.

The substantial $32 million budget for Control, co-financed by Remedy, underscores the significant investment behind its development. This financial commitment is further reflected in the additional funding for future projects, with $54 million allocated for Control 2 and $27 million for the multiplayer spin-off Condor. These investments highlight the confidence in the franchise’s potential and the developers’ dedication to expanding its universe. The impressive backing from Digital Bros showcases the robust support and expectations for the continued success of the Control series.

Control has generated over $101 million in revenue.

(Source: Game World Observer, eXputer)

  • Remedy made around $45.5 million from Control’s sales.
  • The sales figure for Control has not changed between the end of 2021 and the end of 2022, despite the game generating over $101 million in revenue.
  • Control’s royalty revenues were slightly higher in Q2 2021 compared to Q2 2020.

Control’s financial performance has been exceptionally strong, indicating the game’s substantial impact and profitability. The steady revenue generation over the years and increased royalty revenues highlight its lasting appeal and the effectiveness of its monetization strategies. Remedy Entertainment’s successful collaboration with 505 Games and the significant returns from their investment reflect the game’s high quality and market success. This consistent financial success supports the strategic decision to invest further in the franchise, with ambitious plans for sequels and spin-offs.

Control has been played by over 10 million players worldwide.

(Source:, Steam)

  • Control Ultimate Edition has an overall Very Positive review score.
  • 88% of 34,017 user reviews being positive.
  • The game is popular across multiple languages, with reviews in the user’s preferred languages making up 23,442 of the total.

Control has successfully attracted a global audience, with over 10 million players enjoying its unique blend of supernatural elements and engaging gameplay. The game’s high review scores and positive feedback from users across various languages highlight its universal appeal. The widespread acclaim and substantial player base demonstrate Remedy Entertainment’s ability to craft a compelling and immersive gaming experience that resonates with diverse audiences. This widespread popularity is a testament to the game’s quality and the effective efforts of its development and marketing teams.


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