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How many copies did Astroneer sell? — 2024 Statistics

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February 6, 2019
System Era Softworks
System Era Softworks

Astroneer, developed by System Era Softworks, has become a beloved title in the sandbox adventure genre. This game captivates players with its vibrant art style and engaging gameplay, where they explore and reshape distant worlds. The Astroneer statistics often praise the game’s creativity and cooperative elements. The Astroneer sales highlight its impressive market performance and growing popularity. Below are the comprehensive sales figures and player engagement details for Astroneer.

Astroneer sold around 4 million copies.

(Source: Game Developer, VG Insights)

  • Astroneer sold an estimated 2.5 million copies on Steam.
  • Astroneer’s sales surged following its official release in 2019, with a significant increase during seasonal sales and updates.
  • The game saw a notable boost in sales upon its release on the Nintendo Switch in January 2022, expanding its reach to new audiences.

Astroneer has maintained its popularity through continuous updates and expansions. The game’s developers have introduced over 20 free updates, including major additions like Creative Mode, Automation, and narrative-focused updates such as Awakening, Rails, and Xenobiology. The continuous addition of new content keeps the game fresh and engaging, attracting new players and retaining existing ones. This ongoing support has been crucial in sustaining the game’s popularity and driving impressive sales figures.

ASTRONEER has generated $87 million in sales revenue over its lifetime.

(Source: Game World Observer, VG Insights,

  • Highest single day revenue was recorded at just over $934,000.
  • Astroneer generated an estimated 4$7 million in revenue on Steam.
  • The game has seen substantial revenue growth from its initial launch, with continuous content updates and expansions like the “Year of the Glitch” contributing to its financial success.
  • The introduction of new gameplay elements, regions, and narrative content in these updates has provided a steady revenue stream, ensuring ongoing development and support from System Era Softworks.

Astroneer’s financial success is a testament to its quality and the developer’s dedication to providing a rich and evolving game experience. System Era Softworks has consistently introduced updates and expansions that enhance gameplay, making the game more engaging and keeping the content fresh. This approach has not only driven initial sales but also created continuous revenue streams through expansions and in-game purchases. The introduction of major updates and seasonal events has been particularly impactful, offering players new adventures and challenges.

The developer’s strategy of releasing substantial updates and engaging with the community has fostered a loyal player base. By listening to player feedback and incorporating suggestions into new updates, System Era Softworks has ensured that the game remains relevant and appealing. The commitment to maintaining high-quality standards and evolving the game experience has solidified Astroneer’s position in the market, making it a standout title in the sandbox adventure genre. This sustained engagement and continuous improvement model have been critical in achieving long-term financial success and market stability.

Astroneer has over 8 million players.

(Source:Game Developer, Steam Charts, Steam)

  • Astroneer reached an all-time peak of 17,891 concurrent players.
  • The game averages around 560,000 players a month.
  • Astroneer has an overall review score of Very Positive based on 101,459 user reviews.
  • 92% of 101,459 total reviews are positive.
  • The game continues to attract a significant number of players, with a consistent active player base each month.
  • Regular updates and community-driven content have played a crucial role in maintaining high engagement levels.

The impressive peak player count for Astroneer highlights its ability to attract and retain a dedicated audience. The game’s ongoing popularity is driven by System Era Softworks’ commitment to providing an engaging and dynamic space exploration experience. Regular updates, expansions, and community involvement have ensured that the game remains relevant and beloved by its player base.


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