Discord statistics 2024 — how many people use Discord?

Discord is immensely popular among gamers and other online communities.

Release Date
May 13, 2015
VoIP, messaging
Discord Inc.
350 million

Founded in 2015, Discord quickly became the go-to for gamers. It rapidly grew in popularity, especially with support from Reddit’s gaming community. By 2020, its user base expanded beyond gaming due to global lockdowns, making it a hub for various communities. Today, as many wonder how many people use Discord?, it continues to thrive by offering a subscription model and sidestepping traditional ads. Dive into the latest Discord statistics for more insights. For a more comprehensive view of gaming, our video games industry statistics article is a must-read.

Discord user stats

Discord has blossomed into a vibrant meeting place for users to share hobbies and interests, often prompting the question, how many Discord users are there? This platform minimizes distances with real-time interaction, fostering social connections during challenging times.

Discord has 150 million monthly active users.

(Source: Discord)

  • This number was at 56 million in 2019 and reached 100 million during the pandemic in 2020.
  • In 2018, the app recorded 19 million daily active users and then saw a decrease in 2019 with 14 million daily active users.
  • The software reached 10.6 concurrent users in 2020, surpassing its 2018 record of 8.2 million users.
  • 70% of those users use the software/app for gaming and other activities.
  • In 2018, Discord launched a game store that would allow developers to sell their own games after promoting them on their own verified server. 10% would go to Discord, while the 90% left fully went to the developer. However, it was permanently closed in 2019.

Non-gaming channels can cover all kinds of topics, from TV shows to sports, from study groups to servers reuniting people living in the same area. This means that by embracing diversity, Discord made sure that they would be able to score higher numbers. The platform itself already offers impeccable service, easy to understand and to use. If it is true that it is a fantastic tool for gaming, its friendliness makes it appealing to many people.

Discord has 350 million registered users.

(Source: The Small Business Blog)

  • A year after the launch, 25 million users were already registered.
  • In December 2018, the company announced that it has reached 200 million registered users, and in May 2019 it was already up to 250 million.
  • In June 2020, Discord could now boast 300 million registered users on the platform.

The app was already doing well at its beginnings. It was not groundbreaking, but it was slowly finding its audience. No one could imagine how much COVID-19 would bring with it a jump in the number of registered users. Discord also helped in making more people recognize the social elements present in video games.

Discord key stats

With such success, everyone is curious about topics focused on revenues, profits, the number of downloads, and more information around the software itself.

Discord revenue reached $130 million in 2021, a 188% increase year-on-year.

(Source: Remote Tools)

  • In 2018, it made $30 million and continued to increase its revenue in 2019 by earning a total of $45 million.
  • In 2020, the company’s market value amounts to $7 billion, literally doubling its value since its valuation was at $3.5 billion in 2020.
  • After its last round of funding, Discord is now valued at an astounding $15 billion. The money raised amounted to $500 million.
  • At one point, Microsoft was more than willing to buy the company for at least $10 billion.

Discord has been doubling its value since 2020, and it does not look like the company will stop soaring ever higher. In light of their progression, we can only approve of their refusal to be repurchased by Microsoft then.

19 million Discord servers were active weekly in 2021.

(Source: Discord)

  • By July 2020, the number of weekly active servers was 13.5 million.
  • There are at least 929 verified servers, meaning that those are the official communities of a business, high-profile individual, or brand. Computer software and computer games industries represent a large segment.
  • To be able to handle all those voice/video calls, Discord has over 850 voice servers ready. The live stream feature used to only be able to support 10 people, but that number increased in 2020 to allow up to 40 users in the room. Video chats are now capped to a maximum of 25 users.
  • 15% of the staff at Discord is the Trust and Safety Team, in charge of moderating users and ensuring that communities feel safe by tracking any traces of bullying, hate speech, scamming, discrimination, or even terrorism.

To perfectly illustrate the appeal of Discord, one only has to look at the number of verified servers: the big companies and businesses, and even the universities. Names like YouTube, Epic Games, MintMe, or 513 Kicks are not using the platform just to promote themselves and find an innovative way to be closer to their customers/clients, but also to work with colleagues and employees. Discord makes for a proper conference tool via its video/voice call system, but it also allows you to share so many different files and even your screen. Plus, it is intuitive.

64,000 bots are available to Discord users.

(Source: Top.gg)

  • The first one to reach 1 million servers was Rhythm the music bot, in March 2018. It was serving 8 million servers. Unfortunately, it was removed after a complaint from Google.
  • 430,000 bots are used at the same time weekly by at least 30% of the active servers on the platform.

Bots are Discord’s little workers. They are used for a wide range of things, and that explains their success. They can help you moderate your server, welcome newcomers, add music and games, generate events, serve as reminders for events or giveaways to come, etc. You do not always need a human moderator in your chat 24/7 when you have a bot or two… or 15 to help you manage your server.

Discord usage stats

Time to take a closer look at how the communities use the software. The chat service is now the breeding ground of so much diversity in terms of content, providing a space to anyone thanks to its several features.

With 27.61%, the US is the country generating the most traffic on the browser version of Discord.

(Source: Similar Web)

  • Canada accounts for 5.58% and takes the second spot.
  • The UK is #3 with 3.91% and is followed by Germany with 3.79%.
  • France is the last one of the top 5 with 3.43%.

Using the web browser version of Discord is a popular option too, with people mainly using the software on their laptop/desktop. You do not need to install it, and it is the same as anywhere else. There is no downside at all to using it that way.

Mr. Beast Gaming’s server is the most populated server on Discord with 781K members.

(Source: Discord)

  • The official Fortnite server is second with 759,468 members, followed by Roblox and its 759,403 members.
  • The top 5 is rounded up by TommyInnit’s Discord (738,521 members) and the Lofi Girl community (663,511).
  • Out of the 12 servers with more than 500,000 members, 11 are video game-related.

How surprised are you that the biggest server on Discord is about a YouTuber? I know that I am, as most would certainly see big games like PubG or Fortnite snatching the top spots. But Mr. Beast has been a high-profile figure of the gaming community online, and that is, in a certain way, not that surprising. But that also proves that even if it is open to everyone and every interest, Discord is still the favorite all-in-one chat system of the gaming world.

4 billion minutes worth of conversation are exchanged daily.

(Source: Discord)

  • With Discord, there are also more than 25 billion messages sent each month, over 6.7 billion each week, and beyond 960 million each day.
  • The average user spends 280.6 minutes per month on the app, which is 5 hours per month or 9 minutes per day.
  • 14% of gamers in the United States rather watch livestreams on Discord. Obviously, it would be difficult to beat the livestream kings: YouTube (40%), Twitch (47%), and Facebook (16%).
  • 5% of US teenagers state that Discord is their favorite social app, against TikTok (30%) and Snapchat (31%).

What those numbers say is that people are involved in their activity on Discord. After all, the place is akin to a club after school where students would discuss and enjoy their free time. For a social networking app, Discord is doing a good job stealing some livestream views here and there, and if they ended up going full throttle that way, no one would be surprised. It is already half there. It is also doing a good job finding a soft spot in the youngins’ hearts, surpassing big networks like Twitter or Facebook.

To sum up

Discord might now have a clue, but I am pretty sure that when it was just a fledgling, it did not know that it was reinventing the future. Facebook is only now starting to talk about the metaverse, but when looking at Roblox or Discord, isn’t it that we were already nonchalantly swimming in it? The software killed the distance when the virus was at its peak, and the world was paralyzed, allowing people to keep in touch and even make more friends and whole different countries.

There is a flair to it that does not take itself seriously, and that friendly vibe is everywhere you go on the app. Artists, programmers, students, salarymen, role-playing aficionados, etc.: the platform allows everyone to feel right at home, and the staff is not allowing behaviors against people’s freedom to exist and be accepted as is. Good values are respected and enforced there. Plus, Discord barely (if never) experiences difficulties whereby the whole platform would go dead for hours, for example.

There is no reason for that momentum to stop for the company, and it looks like it is only getting started.


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