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How many copies did Outer Wilds sell? — 2024 statistics

Space, secrets, and stellar surprises.

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May 28, 2019
Mobius Digital
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Outer Wilds has emerged as a captivating adventure game, drawing players into its intriguing narrative and unique gameplay mechanics. The game has achieved notable success in the gaming community, supported by impressive Outer Wilds sales and a strong following. Delving into Outer Wilds statistics reveals a highly engaged player base and widespread critical acclaim. This success underscores the game’s ability to maintain player interest and satisfaction, making it a standout title in the adventure genre.

Outer Wilds sold over 2 million copies across all platforms.

(Source: Video Game Insights, Games Stats)

  • This broad range reflects its widespread popularity among player.
  • The game has received over 56,000 reviews on Steam, with an average rating of 95% positive.
  • Outer Wilds has an average of around 10,000 monthly active players.
  • The game has received critical acclaim, winning Game of the Year 2019 from Giant Bomb, Polygon, Eurogamer, and The Guardian, showcasing its significant impact in the gaming community​.

Outer Wilds has made a significant impact in the gaming world, reflecting its widespread popularity and critical acclaim. The game’s ability to attract and maintain a dedicated player base is evident from its active monthly players and the overwhelmingly positive reception it has received. Winning prestigious awards and garnering high praise from both players and critics highlights its exceptional quality and engaging gameplay. Outer Wilds’ success across multiple platforms underscores its broad appeal and enduring relevance in the competitive gaming market.

Outer Wilds generated over 33 million in revenue on Steam.

(Source: Video Game Insights)

  • The average playtime for Outer Wilds players is around 13.4 hours.
  • The base price of the game is $24.99, with frequent discounts during sales events.
  • The game has over 140,000 followers on Steam, indicating a strong community interest.

Outer Wilds has demonstrated strong financial success, generating substantial revenue on Steam. The game’s appeal is highlighted by its significant average playtime, reflecting deep player engagement. Priced at $24.99, Outer Wilds often sees increased sales during discount events, making it accessible to a broader audience. Additionally, the large number of followers on Steam underscores the strong community interest and support for the game. This combination of financial performance, player engagement, and community interest showcases the game’s impressive impact in the market.

Outer Wilds reached an all-time peak of 7,936 concurrent players on Steam.

(Source: SteamSpy)

  • It maintains a healthy player base, with a recent peak of 912 concurrent players.
  • The game consistently attracts a dedicated player base, contributing to its lasting popularity and continuous player engagement.
  • Outer Wilds holds an Overwhelmingly Positive rating on Steam, with 95% of the 55,987 user reviews being positive.

Outer Wilds has proven to be a hit on Steam, with an impressive peak of nearly 8,000 players all playing at the same time. Even now, it maintains a solid and active player base. The game has a dedicated following, which helps keep its popularity steady over time. Plus, with 95% of the nearly 56,000 reviews being positive, it’s clear that players are loving their experience. This blend of high player activity and glowing reviews really shows how much Outer Wilds resonates with its audience.


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