How many copies did Terraria sell? — 2023 statistics

A look at Terraria's building blocks of success.

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May 16, 2011

Survival games are very popular today because graphics and scopes are getting better and bigger so the gameplay gets more immersive in turn. Of course, as games get more advanced, they also become more demanding, so you might be looking for an excellent game while not too heavy on your PC. If that is the case, then you want to take a look at Terraria! Terraria is set in a procedurally-generated 2D world where you or a few friends can delve into an insanely detailed and massive world, full of dangers, wonder, adventure, and, most importantly, loot. The game has been a global success and has sold millions of copies since it came out in 2011, so we’re going to present you some Terraria statistics to get to the roots of the game and to see what makes it tick with gamers. If you’re a fan of content like this and want to know more, why not find out exactly how much money the video game industry makes?

Terraria key stats

Everything needs structure, so this section is going to take a look at some of the most general statistics regarding Terraria starting from total copies sold to Steam stats and basically anything else you can think of. Since the game has been around for a very long time, it has gathered a cult-like following online that hails it as one of the best survival games of all time, comparing it to a 2D version of Minecraft with more variety. Alright, let’s dive in and see what this fantastic game has to offer!

Terraria has sold over 44.5 million copies.

(Source: The Click)

  • 23 million of those sales were for PC.
  • 9.1 million sales were for consoles.
  • 12.2 million sales were for mobile.

From this first line of stats, we can see that Terraria has had a tremendous number of copies sold since the game was released in 2011, with a vast majority of the sales being for PC, while a much lower percentage of them belonging to console and mobile. Mobile has more purchases than consoles, which has more sense because the game is primarily advertised for PC, and PC games usually make for fairly good mobile ports.

Terraria was the first game to hit one million reviews on Steam.

(Source: Eurogamer)

  • The game has maintained an Overwhelmingly Positive rating since it was added on Steam.
  • 97.86% of the total reviews for the game were positive.
  • The game has an overall rating of 97.11%.
  • For context, to be Overwhelmingly Positive, the game has to have over 500 reviews and a rating of more than 95%.

With the very high player count, it was also very nice to see that the game has maintained an excellent reputation on the Steam review scene. This is largely because the developers of Terraria are very close to their fans and their often check reviews to see what they like and dislike, and they craft the game accordingly. Also, it is very hard to get anything in the game wrong since it is quite simple despite the massive amount of content the game offers. We are sure that the game is going to maintain this review status for years to come.

The price of Terraria has stayed the same since 2011.

(Source: GamesIndustry)

  • When the game was first released, it had 250 items, a few characters, and some miscellaneous content.
  • Since then, the game has increased its item count to 3,800, with 16 bosses, extra endings, 25 NPCs, and more extra content than we can list here.
  • Despite all of these changes, the game has never become more expensive, staying at $9.99.
  • The developers have stated that they left the price at $9.99 because they wanted to be attentive to their player base because it has been loyal for years.
  • Despite losing some money by not increasing the price, the developers have stated that they value their reputation and their relationship with their fans more than money.

We have just mentioned that Terraria’s developers are dedicated to their fans and will do anything to make sure that their game is up to their standards, and one of the ways to ensure a consistent player base and to keep people talking about the game is to never increase the price despite all of the extra content that has increased the value of the game. While the developers have stated that they definitely lost money doing this, they claim that the respect of their fans is much more important. Take that, EA!

The Google Stadia port of Terraria was canceled after a dispute with Google.

(Source: Ars Technica)

  • Andrew Spinks, one of the main developers of Terraria, was hit with a complete Google ban for no valid reason.
  • He tried to get his accounts back for weeks, claiming that some of the most important business data was on them.
  • Since he could not resolve the issue and Google refused to help, he officially cut ties with the company completely, and subsequently canceled the Google Stadia port of Terraria.

We have talked about the travesty that was Google Stadia, and it can even be considered a good thing that Terraria never made it onto the platform as it could have brought its rating down for being on the platform in general. The issues surrounding Google customer service are vast and it is no wonder that Andrew cut ties with the company when they would not work with him. However, since Stadia never made it, it meant that Terraria lost nothing from that exchange.

The Journey’s End update for Terraria made the game reach a 500,000-player count.

(Source: Gaming Bolt)

  • This update came out in May 2020 and was the last major update for Terraria.
  • Over 1000 new items were added, bringing the total item count to 5000.
  • Another NPC was added, which has the Zoology profession.
  • With this update, Journey and Master Mode were added, allowing players to manipulate the world in any way they want, similar to Creative Mode in Minecraft.

This is the first of the many final updates for Terraria that have come out in recent years, and it just provides more emphasis on the fact that the developers took a big risk by not increasing the price of the game since the Journey’s End update was massive and included a ton of additional content.

ReLogic is planning on introducing cross-play for Terraria.

(Source: NME)

  • While the developers are enthusiastic about cross-play, they said that it isn’t guaranteed yet.
  • They have stated that cross-play should come sometime in 2023, although nothing is known about it except the 1.4.5 update, collaborating with Dead Cells.
  • Andrew Spinks has expressed the wish and intent of starting work on a new Terraria game, which would have infinite worlds and even more content than the original.

While cross-play is not the central goal of ReLogic and Terraria, the developers have stated that adding cross-play is a great idea and that they definitely intend to do it at some point during 2023. This would be a fantastic addition to the game because it would mean that you could enjoy this fantastic game with your friends when you would usually be limited by your platform.

Another “final” update for Terraria is coming out in 2023.

(Source: NME)

  • This is the sixth “final” update for the game, despite the developers’ claims that each one would be the final one.
  • However, we believe that this time it might be true because they said that they “super meant it that time”.
  • The update is scheduled for 2023 and will be in collaboration with Dead Cells, in the game’s 1.4.5 update.

And finally, we can talk about the Terraria x Dead Cells collaboration that is coming in 2023, which should be the final update, but for real this time. There is not much known about this collaboration because they have just announced it and more details will be made available later in the year, but we will be there to tell you all about it as soon as we know more!

To sum up

Alright, that would be all we have to say about the wonderful world of Terraria! It is extremely rare to find a game as successful, yet affordable as Terraria is, and that is because today’s games are ridiculously expensive while sometimes giving you nothing in return. ReLogic is a step ahead of the game and thinks about its fans, so we are sure that it will continue to provide us with fantastic games at affordable prices with even more content. The sequel to Terraria is in the works and no one knows when it will come out, but rest assured that we will be here to give you all of the information you could want for the game before it comes out! We hope that you have enjoyed what we have had to display here and that you have learned something new!


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