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How many copies did Thief sell? — 2024 statistics

Loot and scoot through the stealthy saga of a master thief.

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February 25, 2014
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Video games featuring stealth and cunning tactics often hold a special place in the hearts of gamers. The Thief series stands as a prime example, building a dedicated fanbase since its initial release. With a focus on shadows, loot, and high-stakes heists, it’s fascinating to dive into the Thief statistics that paint a picture of its success. Let’s explore the numbers behind this iconic franchise and examine how Thief sales have contributed to its lasting legacy.

Thief sold over 2 million copies on Steam alone.

(Source: VGChartz, Video Game Insights)

  • Thief: Dark Project sold 500,000 units.
  • Thief II: The Metal Age initial sales were higher than first instalment with global sales surpassed 220,000 copies by end of 2000. Within the US alone, Thief II sold over 67,000 copies by the end of 2000, generating revenues of $2.37 million.
  • Thief: Deadly Shadows did not sell as well as the developers had hoped and sales number are not available.

The “Thief” game series really had its moments, starting off strong and catching a wave of enthusiasm with its second installment, only to hit a rough patch when “Deadly Shadows” came out. It’s like the series hit its stride, but couldn’t keep the momentum going indefinitely. It’s a classic example of how tough the gaming industry can be—what works once doesn’t always work forever, and sometimes, even with a good start, it’s hard to predict what gamers will go for next.

Thief earned a total of $32.3 million in gross revenue on Steam. 

(Source: Video Game Insights)

  • Revenue after first 6 months: $25-30 million, suggests majority of sales were within half year of release.
  • Gradual decline expected to continue as game ages further. 

In analyzing the financial trajectory of Thief on Steam, the data illustrates a robust initial performance, with the game generating between $25 to $30 million within the first six months post-launch. This figure represents a substantial proportion of the total revenue, suggesting a front-loaded sales pattern typical of popular releases. However, as anticipated in the lifecycle of most digital entertainment properties, “Thief” is experiencing a gradual decline in revenue as time progresses. This trend is consistent with market observations that consumer interest tends to wane over time, highlighting the challenges developers face in sustaining long-term sales momentum.

The all-time peak for Thief was 18,239 players in March 2014.

(Source: Video Game Insights)

  • The average play time is 29.8 hours and median is 16.6 hours.
  • User reviews are 74.3% positive with over 820 positive reviews out of 109,424 total reviews, ranking it in the top 0.7% of all Steam games.

The data on Thief points to a game that not only peaked in popularity shortly after release but also maintained a commendable level of player engagement over time. With a significant average and median playtime, it’s clear that the game offers a compelling experience that players invest in. Moreover, a strong positive reception from the gaming community, situating “Thief” among the top echelon of Steam games, underscores its quality and the positive perception in the competitive gaming market. This suggests that “Thief” has not only captured players’ attention at launch but also managed to hold it, an indicator of its potential longevity and relevance in the gaming community.

Thief II: The Metal Age sold 94,277 units on Steam alone.

(Source: Video Game Insights)

  • The gross revenue from Steam sales is around $394,000.

This suggests that while the title has found a measure of success and has its dedicated audience, its market impact may be considered moderate when compared to blockbuster titles in the gaming industry. The data implies that Thief II holds a niche appeal, which has translated into consistent, albeit not groundbreaking, sales revenue on the platform.


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