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How many people play The Finals sell? — 2024 statistics

Battles for the brave!

Release Date
December 7, 2023
First-person shooter
Embark Studios
Embark Studios

The Finals, a standout creation by Embark Studios, is making waves in the competitive shooter scene. Its engaging gameplay mechanics and the use of dynamic environments are setting new standards. What makes this game stand out is its emphasis on strategic and environmental manipulation, allowing players to interact with the game world in innovative ways. As The Finals continues to attract attention, The Finals sales insights and the The Finals statistics reveal a promising rise in its acceptance and impact in the gaming community. Here’s a deeper dive into how The Finals is shaping up in the gaming world.

The Finals has been played by more than 10 million players globally in just 2 weeks since its launch.

(Source: Game World Observer, IGN)

  • The Finals hit 200,213 concurrent players on Steam within 12 hours of its release.
  • This number is expected to rise even further, especially over the weekend.
  • The game had previously reached over 267,000 concurrent players during its beta in November 2023.

The remarkable success of The Finals in attracting over 10 million players within just two weeks of its launch showcases its broad appeal and strong market entry. The game’s ability to draw such a large audience rapidly, along with achieving significant peaks in concurrent players, highlights its potential for longevity and influence in the competitive gaming landscape. This surge in player numbers, particularly impressive peaks during its initial release and beta phases, suggests a deep resonance with the gaming community that could translate into sustained popularity and ongoing success. As The Finals continues to captivate audiences, its early achievements set a solid foundation for future growth and community engagement, positioning it as a potential staple in the multiplayer genre.

The Finals attracted a massive audience with over 7.5 million players participating in its open beta phase.

(Source: Insider Gaming)

  • This highlighted its appeal and potential market success before the official launch.
  • Following its release, The Finals became one of the most played games on Steam, quickly rising in the rankings and demonstrating its immediate impact on the gaming community.

This substantial player involvement right from the start not only highlights The Finals’s appeal but also showcases the effective engagement strategies implemented by Embark Studios. The developers have clearly tapped into what gamers are looking for, offering an experience that pulls them in quickly and keeps them coming back for more. The sustained player count further suggests that the game consistently delivers fresh, compelling content, maintaining a vibrant community of engaged players. This ongoing investment in the game’s content and community interaction helps ensure that The Finals remains a dynamic and exciting platform in the competitive gaming scene, likely increasing its longevity and relevance in the market.

The Finals achieved an all-time peak of 242,619 concurrent players.

(Source: Steam, Steam Charts)

  • This made it the 5th most played new game of 2023 by peak concurrent users.
  • The game holds a player score of 74 out of 100, based on over 173,253 reviews, with the general sentiment being Mostly Positive.
  • 75% of the 173,487 user reviews for the game being positive.
  • Since launch, the game has maintained a healthy player base, with current figures showing 16,143 concurrent players as of the latest update.

The player reviews and scores reflect the community’s approval of the game’s features and gameplay, indicating that THE FINALS meets the expectations of its audience. Such positive feedback is crucial for maintaining player interest and fostering a loyal fanbase.


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