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How many copies did Hotline Miami sell? — 2024 statistics

Neon-soaked chaos in every corner.

Release Date
October 23, 2012
Top-down shooter
Dennaton Games
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Hotline Miami burst onto the scene with a wave of neon-soaked violence and retro charm. This game’s blend of fast-paced action and challenging gameplay quickly won over fans and critics alike. Hotline Miami sales figures reveal a strong performance, bolstered by its distinctive 80s aesthetic and pulsating soundtrack. Delving into Hotline Miami statistics, it becomes clear that this game has left a lasting impact, cementing its place as a cult classic in the indie gaming world.

Hotline Miami has sold over 5 million copies across several platforms.

(Source: The Ringer)

  • The game sold 1.5 million copies by 2015.
  • Hotline Miami sold over 4 million copies on Steam.
  • This success is attributed to its unique gameplay, retro aesthetic, and intense action sequences.

The enduring appeal of Hotline Miami is evident from its widespread success across multiple platforms. Its unique gameplay, combined with a distinctive retro aesthetic and intense action sequences, has resonated deeply with players, driving substantial sales. The game’s ability to maintain a strong player base and continue selling well over the years highlights its status as a cult classic. This success underscores the powerful impact of creative and engaging game design in achieving lasting popularity.

Hotline Miami generated revenue of over $24 million on Steam.

(Source: VG Insights)

  • The development budget for both games has not been disclosed, but considering their indie nature, the budget was likely modest compared to AAA titles.
  • Average play time is just over 7 hours.

Despite a modest development budget typical of indie projects, the game has managed to captivate a large audience, resulting in substantial revenue. This financial achievement is a testament to the game’s unique style and engaging gameplay, which have continued to draw in players and sustain interest over time. The average playtime indicates that players are deeply engaged, contributing to the game’s enduring popularity and commercial success.

Hotline Miami had an all time peak of 6,858 players on Steam.

(Source: Steam Charts. Steam)

  • The game has an Overwhelmingly Positive review score on Steam.
  • 97% of over 80,000 user reviews are positive.
  • Hotline Miami is continuing to attract players and seeing significant spikes during sales and promotional events.

The popularity of Hotline Miami is clear from its impressive peak player numbers and positive reviews. The game continues to attract new players and maintain interest during sales and promotional events, highlighting its lasting appeal. The overwhelmingly positive reception, with the vast majority of user reviews being favorable, demonstrates the game’s strong connection with its audience and its success in providing a compelling, engaging experience.


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