How to get the Headless Head in Roblox

Here's how to get one of the best cosmetic items in Roblox!

Roblox has some nice events that take place throughout the year, and one of those is the Headless Horseman Halloween event. This event contains the Headless Horseman bundle, which, in turn, contains some really nice clothing as well as a special headpiece that makes it look like you have no head at all.

But how to get the Headless Head in Roblox? Well, the answer is fairly simple, but it takes a few steps. Once you figure everything out and obtain the set, you will be the envy of everyone in every game you play!

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How to get the Headless Head in Roblox

The most important thing to do here is to keep careful watch over the events that Roblox holds throughout the year and to watch out for the Headless Horseman bundle. Once you notice this item in the shop you can purchase it for 31,000 Robux. Despite its steep price, it is a fantastic bundle that includes some great items besides the Headless Head. If you can’t wait for that specific time of the year, you can always scour Roblox to find someone who already has it, then trade with them or buy it from them.

How to trade items in Roblox

Trading is a great way of getting the items you want, provided the other player doesn’t need that item anymore. Here’s how to trade items:

  1. Enable the trading option (Account Settings — Privacy)
  2. Go to the profile page of the person you want to trade with
  3. Click on the three dots in their profile
  4. Click on Trade Items
  5. Select the items you want to trade and wait for them to offer their items
  6. Once you’re satisfied, click on Make Offer

Now your items should be in your inventory.

And that would be all when it comes to the Headless Head! We understand the appeal of the item, it is quite cool after all. If you want some great games to enjoy while you’re not playing Roblox, you can always take a look at our other articles, such as best war games and best gacha games.