How to get a lot of VIP customers in Roblox My Restaurant

Get more VIP customers in My Restaurant than ever with these helpful tips!

As we all know, Roblox is brimming with many different games at all times, and some of the most popular games on the platform are simulator games. These games can have various themes, from being a powerful superhero to something mundane, but still very interesting, like running your own restaurant! There is no limit to the creativity of game creators in Roblox, so you can expect tons of content to frequently come out for these games!

The game we are going to be talking about now is My Restaurant. It is a phenomenal, detailed game that puts you in the shoes of an aspiring restaurant manager looking to succeed in the business. To make more money in My Restaurant, you need to attract a greater number of customers so they spend more money on your food and drinks. The more customers, the better. However, not all customers are equal, as you can also have VIPs come into your restaurant to wine and dine, and they bring a lot more money to the table. Here’s how to get more VIP customers in My Restaurant in Roblox!

The more you earn, the better your reputation will be! In My Restaurant, you can also compete with friends to see who is the best restaurant manager so it makes for a very competitive and rewarding experience. Enjoying this game with your friends doesn’t need to be limited to one game, mind you. To this end, we’re offering you the chance to snag some free items with our informative code articles like Shindo Life codes for ninja enthusiasts, All Star Tower Defense codes for tacticians, and for the diehard fans of huge anime battles, we have Anime Fighting Simulator codes.

How to get more VIP customers in Roblox My Restaurant

There is a large number of factors that function into a well-balanced restaurant, so you need to keep everything in mind and make sure that you’re operating at full steam, so take a look at some of these tips and try to apply them to your own business.

1. Optimize your flow

Just like real high-end kitchens, you’re going to want to place all of your food prep sections in the same general area. When you have the stove next to the plating section, it is extremely easy to just chuck food out quickly and efficiently. There isn’t much sense in placing things far apart since then you need to move an unnecessary distance to do the most basic things. The more optimized your workflow is, the quicker you can serve your customers and get better reviews.

2. Think economically

For this tip, it is best to use the community. There are veteran players of My Restaurant who have tried and tested many different building and organization methods so you don’t have to. As long as you keep a level head and don’t shoot too high, you should be steadily increasing your numbers, along with the size of your restaurant. For example, you can add more floors to your building so that the time it takes for more customers to arrive is shortened considerably. Chair-to-table order is also important since you can attract different types of guests depending on your layout.

3. Include some variety

Your food will dictate how successful your business will be, so you need to create a menu with many different items so that you can appease the wishes of all of the different people that will be visiting your locale.

4. Listen to your customers

Usually, when someone leaves a review with constructive criticism online, the owner is either going to disregard it completely, or think about it and act on it. The same goes for My Restaurant, as you will have customers leave reviews that you might not want to hear, but you’ll need to in order to improve. If you take immediate action to change the restaurant to the wishes of your customers, they are bound to come back and have a better experience than last time.

5. Upgrades

Would you like to sit in a creaky, uncomfortable wooden chair when you go to a restaurant to have a nice meal? Didn’t think so. As long as you keep upgrading your seating options, customers will be lining up to receive some high-quality service! This doesn’t apply to only seating, as the ambiance and decorations of your restaurant can have a huge impact on the way customers feel and how much they’re going to enjoy eating there.

6. Get yourself a wishing well

One of the many excellent features of My Restaurant is the ability to purchase a wishing well. It’s an item you can stash away somewhere in your restaurant and after a certain period of time, you can make a wish from it. These wishes give you a random reward each time, like a new VIP customer, new equipment, or just pure cash at times. It’s an amazing item to keep on hand because you don’t lose anything by getting it, it’s just passive income.

7. Make your space better for kids

When customers come to eat at your restaurant, you can expect them to be people from many different walks of life, and some of them are going to be bringing children along. To make them happy, you can purchase Toy Buckets. Think of the Happy Meal from McDonald’s, and that’s the Toy Bucket. Serving food like this to them will speed up the serving process, letting you get to more customers in a shorter span of time.

Hopefully, you have learned something here and can improve your restaurant so it can be the best out of all your friends. Remember, it’s just like a regular restaurant, so keep that in mind and think strategically about how your market your food and how you serve it. We sincerely hope that you have enjoyed what you have read. If you did, consider checking out Roblox promo codes for some free stuff!