Roblox Metaverse Champions games

Jump in some portals and earn some chests with Roblox Metaverse Champions!

Special events are something that most games have today, and the bigger the game is, the better organized and more fun it can be. That goes double for Roblox, as it is one of the best multiplayer games out there, and the events that are organized here are top notch and well worth playing. One of the most notable ones is Metaverse Champions.

Metaverse Champions is a four week event that takes place from 15 April and lasts until 20 May, at least for 2021, that is. If you’re planning on participating in the next similar event, keep in mind that it will most likely fall some time during those dates, as per tradition. To keep you on top of things, we’ll list all of the Roblox Metaverse Champions games you can play during the event!

All of these games are best enjoyed with friends, as they can create a competitive atmosphere. ideal for some banter and times. While you’re waiting for all of the games provided by the Metaverse, consider checking out Shindo Life codes, All Star Tower Defense codes, and Anime Fighting Simulator codes. You can earn some nice rewards here, as well as pass the time until the even rolls around again!

What is Roblox Metaverse Champions?

Roblox Metaverse Champions is a four week event that takes place in the early stages of the year, and each week is devoted to a theme. Players have a hub area that is used to enter the specific games they wish to play. While playing any of the provided games, you can collect chests with varying loot, so the games have added replayability, and you can earn a lot of rewards! There are over 40 different games you can play, so you are sure to be preoccupied for the entire duration of the event.

Week 1 — AJ Striker Games

These are all of the games you can play in the first week of Roblox Metaverse Champions. The goal of this week is to collect four of AJ’s Crate Drops.

  1. Balls Blox Royale
  2. War Simulator
  3. Bloxtopia (Paradise Life)
  4. Tank Warfare
  5. Chaos Clicker
  6. Super Ball Battle
  7. Clicker Realms X
  8. Sinking Ship
  9. DropBlox
  10. Shootout
  11. Elimination Tower
  12. SCP: Roleplay
  13. Gerald
  14. Rage Table Arena
  15. Human Simulator
  16. Pinewood Computer Core
  17. Mafia Tycoon
  18. Miner Haven
  19. Manhunt
  20. Mega Noob Simulator

Week 2 — Sparks Kilowatt Games

These are all of the games you can enjoy during the second week. You have to collect four of Spark’s Secret Packages.

  1. Unicorn Obby World
  3. Travel To Unicorn Island Obby
  4. Arcane Island 2
  5. Tiny’s DIfficulty Chart Obby
  6. Banana Eats
  7. The Day The Noobs Took Over 2
  9. Tower Heroes
  10. Club Roblox
  11. Grandma’s House Obby
  12. Egg Hunt: Enchanted Eggos
  13. Super Striker League
  14. God’s Island
  15. Simple Resort
  16. Incognito
  17. SharkBite
  18. Pilfering Pirates
  19. Roblox Highschool 2

Week 3 — Fey Yoshida Games

Onward to week 3! There are fewer games here than in weeks 1 and 2, but you can still have hours of fun at your disposal. The goal here is to collect four Fey’s Terror Cases.

  1. Waterpark Oceanic
  2. Bean Blast
  3. Tsunami Simulator
  4. Don’t Press the Button 4
  5. Tropical Resort Tycoon
  6. Dragon Adventures
  7. Toy Defenders
  8. Epic Minigames
  9. Survive The Killer
  10. Flood Escape 2
  11. Melee Simulator
  12. Kitty

Week 4 — Wren Brightblade Games

In the fourth and final week, we have games that fit the “adventure” dynamic fairly well, as well as covering a lot of different themes. The goal here is to collect four of Wren’s Adventure Chests.

  1. Warship
  2. 2 Player Evolution Tycoon
  3. Vesteria
  4. Copyrighted Artists
  5. Speed Race
  6. Deathrun
  7. RoVille
  8. Faab’s Difficulty Chart Obby
  9. Ronald
  10. Gods of Glory
  11. Obby King: Remastered
  12. Hospital Life
  13. Limited SImulator 2
  14. Island Tribes
  15. Left 4 Survival

And there you have it! All of the games you can play, as well as the event explained. This is an incredible experience that should not be passed up if the event should come around in 2022, as well. As you can see, there is some incredible variety to the games and the design of the event is top-notch. We sincerely hope that you have found this informative, and we also suggest checking out Roblox promo codes, for some free prizes. That’s a bit of consolation, if you didn’t manage to get into Metaverse Champions in 2021.