Roblox music ID codes (May 2024) — best song & music to play

Here you will find the best current Roblox Music ID codes, as well as other codes to spruce up your game!

As we all know, Roblox is a massively popular online game where your main goal is to interact with other players and make friends. Due to the popularity, it isn’t the old, unoptimized game it was when it was first released, as many new features have been added to create a nice space for players to relax and enjoy themselves. These features cover a wide array of themes, such as shooter combat, painting, chatting, and listening to music. The musical aspect of the game is what we’re focusing on here, as you have hundreds of special song ID codes that let you play the music you want, whether it is for a chill atmosphere, or you just want to liven up the mood with some good ol’ memes with your friends. However, sometimes these codes might be hard to come by.

To remedy that, we can provide some of the best current Roblox ID codes, as well as other types of codes, so you can make sure the game is interesting in many different ways. Firstly, song IDs are fan-made, so you can find them in the public domain, but in terms of popularity, you will find some excellent ones in this article.

Take note that to play any of these codes, you need to access your boombox and type it in, after which the music will play. If music is not your go-to, there are other codes that players use for a variety of game modes, such as Potion Simulator codes, Weapons Masters codes, and Boss Brawl codes.

Best Roblox Music ID codes

  • Tesher – Jalebi Baby – 6463211475
  • Dua Lipa – Levitating – 6606223785
  • Doja Cat – Get Into it (slowed) – 7066609753
  • Flo Rida – You Spin Me Right Round – 145799973
  • BTS – Fake Love – 1894066752
  • Doja Cat – Say So – 521116871
  • twenty one pilots – Chlorine – 2675904848
  • Kya! Arigato – 6441347468
  • Juice Wrld – Armed & Dangerous – 2498066534
  • Kali Uchis – Telepatia – 6403599974
  • egg – 5128532009
  • Nightcore – Titanium – 398159550
  • How To Save A Life (Bass Boosted) – 727844285
  • ♪ Nightcore – Light ‘Em Up x Girl On Fire (S/V) – 587156015
  • Mako – Beam (Proximity) – 165065112
  • Caillou Trap Remix – 212675193
  • Billie Eilish – NDA – 7079888477
  • Amaarae – SAD GIRLZ LUV MONEY – 8026236684
  • BTS – Butter – 6844912719
  • Spooky Scary Skeletons – 515669032
  • BoneyM – Rasputin – 5512350519
  • Lil Nas X – Industry Baby – 7253841629
  • Ed Sheeran – Bad Habits – 7202579511
  • A Roblox Rap – Merry Christmas Roblox – 1259050178
  • Maroon 5 – Payphone – 131396974
  • Bad Bunny – Yonaguni – 6957372976
  • Frozen – Let it Go – 189105508
  • Royal and the Serpent – Overwhelmed – 5595658625
  • Lil Nas X – Call Me By Your Name – 6620108916
  • Clairo – Sofia – 5760198930

What are Roblox Music ID codes

Roblox has a system where you input codes to obtain certain bonuses in-game, such as unique games and prizes. One of these bonuses are music ID codes, codes that allow you to access your boombox and play music for you and everyone around you to hear and enjoy. These codes usually emulate whatever is popular online at the moment, like music trends and sound files from memes. They are quite easy to add into your game, all you need is a number and you’re all set.

How to use Roblox Music ID codes

There are millions of codes online so you can choose anything you want, no extra steps are needed.

  1. Find the code you want to input into your game
  2. Open your game
  3. Navigate to your boombox
  4. Open the boombox and input the code into it
  5. Enjoy your session

Music is an integral part of gaming and life in general, and selecting the right tune to suit you is important to make sure you have the best experience possible. Codes are relatively easy to come by, and the times change often, so you need to have access to sites that give you the most up-to-date information on this. If you’ve found this article helpful, consider checking out some of our other Roblox articles, such as Boku No Roblox for superhero enthusiasts, and best gacha games in 2024.