Rumble Quest codes — free coins and gems

With our awesometastic Rumble Quest codes list, you'll always have gems and coins stashed away for emergencies!

Rumble Quest is a super fun game on Roblox full of dungeons, demons, monsters, boss fights and a whole lot more. So, sharpen your weapon, strap into some comfy shoes, because your hero will have his hands full in this epic game!

If you think there is too much going on in the game and you need a breather, we have your back, so don’t worry. We scoured the internet and looked for all the codes related to the game that we could and compiled them in this Rumble Quest codes guide for you to always have access to.

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Active Rumble Quest codes

  • gems — 150 Gems
  • coins — 1,250 Coins
  • release — 100 Gems
  • secret — 300 Gems
  • freegems — 300 Gems 
  • Tomb — 150 Gems

Expired Rumble Quest codes

Luckily, there are no currently expired Rumble Quest codes. Isn’t that awesome?

What are Rumble Quest codes?

Rumble Quest codes help players and fans of the game get their hands on some super cool freebies. These freebies can range from accessories to currency or even cosmetics. So keep a lookout by bookmarking this page to never miss out on a freebie drop.

How to redeem Rumble Quest codes

Its not difficult to redeem Rumble Quest codes, especially if you follow our steps:

  1. Launch Rumble Quest
  2. Click on the Twitter icon on the right
  3. Enter an active code in the space given
  4. Hit claim
  5. Enjoy all the freebies!

That’s it, guys! Hope you have a fantastic time playing the game and making use of our Rumble Quest codes. Additionally, if you need more Roblox freebies, we have a bunch of them over at Roblox promo codes, that you should check out.