Saber Simulator codes (July 2024) — lots of great rewards

With our Saber Simulator codes list, you'll always have the best of the best in-game resources in your pocket!

Saber Simulator is one of that you-have-to-play-it to see it kinds of Roblox games that hooks you the minute you start playing it. Not only do you get to train warriors with sabers but also use make them use their strength to defeat other enemies and players. The more powerful you get, the better your chances are to reach the top of the leaderboard.

You can also sell your strength to get coins and become richer but why go to that length when we have collected for you the best freebies the game has to offer? That’s right, with. our fantastic Saber Simulator codes guide you’ll always have some extra help with regard to money or other in-game resources.

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Active Saber Simulator codes

  • Yippee — 5,000 Crowns
  • telanthric — 500 Coins, 50 Crowns
  • defild — 500 Coins
  • melihkardes — 500 Coins
  • cookieclix — 500 Coins
  • cookie — 500 Coins
  • gravy — 500 Coins
  • JS — 500 Coins
  • raven — 500 Coins
  • razor — 500 Coins
  • robzi — 500 Coins
  • subtoaustin — 500 Coins
  • release — 150 Coins
  • mirrorrs — 10,000 Strength
  • Update100 — Pet Charms
  • PetBoost — 20 Void Charms
  • VoidGG — 20 Void Charms
  • weekend — 20,000 Crowns
  • oioi — Crowns
  • henrydev — 1,000 Strength
  • mmistaken — 999 Strength

Expired Saber Simulator codes

  • straw
  • calixo
  • erick
  • prez
  • grim
  • boss
  • 2020
  • 5000Followers
  • Vehnix
  • Slayer
  • Saber
  • Legend
  • 100m
  • Airstudio

What are Saber Simulator codes?

We’re glad you asked! Saber Simulator codes will give you access to some amazing in-game resources for the game, like strength, coins, charms and much more! So, bookmark this guide to always know where to look when you’re in need of some extra items.

How to redeem Saber Simulator codes

If you don’t know how to redeem Saber Simulator codes, just follow this walkthrough:

  1. Launch Saber Simulator
  2. Click on the blue Twitter icon on the right
  3. Enter a code where it says
  4. Tap redeem
  5. Enjoy all your rewards!

That’s all, fighters. We hope you top the leaderboards using our Saber Simulator codes. Speaking of codes and freebies, we have an abundance of them over at our Roblox promo codes article, so do check it out!