Slashing Simulator codes (May 2024) — free pets, eggs and coins

With our Slashing Simulator codes list, you can always have free benefits and resources to kick the game's butt!

If you like Roblox games that wreak havoc and cause pure chaos then you’ll like Shashing Simulator because you can slash and dash your way through the game, making combos, earning points that will boost your speed and make you earn coins. You will also be able to collect pets to upgrade your abilities. Sound awesome, no?

Your progress in the game will depend on your ability to open areas on the map and find out new areas to explore. So in order to help you finish it and get a spot on the leaderboards, we’ve compiled this Slashing Simulator codes guide to get you access to some great freebies.

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Active Slashing Simulator codes

  • BadSide — Antagonist Egg
  • GoodSide — Rewards
  • BoostMeUp — Rewards
  • 1MVisits — Limited pet
  • HappyNewYear! — Cat Shark Pet
  • GetMeSomeCoins — 5,000 Coins

Expired Slashing Simulator codes

Fortunately, there are no currently expired Slashing Simulator codes. Great, huh?

What are Slashing Simulator codes?

Slashing Simulator codes are an amazing way to get your hands on some much-needed game resources like pets, coins and eggs so you don’t have to spend Robux to get these and can just bookmark our guide to always have access to them.

How to redeem Slashing Simulator codes

Redeeming Slashing Simulator codes is super easy if you just follow our steps:

  1. Launch Slashing Simulator
  2. Click on the Twitter button on the side
  3. Enter an active code in the space given
  4. Tap redeem
  5. Enjoy all your rewards!

That’s it! We hope you enjoy the Slashing Simulator codes that we’ve given you and go far in the game. Also, if you want some extra inventory fillers then we have loads of them available at Roblox promo codes, so go and get some.