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Where were you when Club Penguin closed down? Nobody really remembers, but they certainly know that that one guy was eating Doritos when he received that fateful call. When Club Penguin’s servers shut down for good, it was a sad world for the entire gaming world, but they could permanently wipe their tears away when Club Penguin Rewritten was released in 2018.

An official statement on the game’s Twitter page notified its loyal player base that Club Penguin was coming back from a total shutdown. On April 26, 2018, Club Penguin Rewritten was launched, and best of all, all user accounts from the original Club Penguin game would remain intact!

On June 2, there were 2 million new registered accounts, and to celebrate this momentous occasion, the admins released two promo codes. Today, there are more than 7 million active users and greater opportunities to dress your penguin up and attend parties with friends, new and old.

Club Penguin Codes

In this guide, we’ll tell you what all of the working codes for Club Penguin Rewritten are and the kinds of rewards you’ll get. By inputting the codes correctly, you’ll redeem plenty of Card-Jitsu cards and cosmetics for your penguin character, all for free!

The codes provided in the table below will let you upgrade your wardrobe into something whackier and more fun! After all, isn’t mixing and matching half the fun of playing Club Penguin Rewritten?

Club Penguin Rewritten Codes
CARDJITSU30035 Card-Jitsu Cards
CARDDECK5 Card-Jitsu Cards
FREEHOOD2Green Crosshatched Hoodie
BROWNHAT20Brown Skater Hat

How to Input Club Penguin Rewritten Codes

Redeeming your Club Penguin Rewritten prizes by inputting these secret codes isn’t rocket science. Here’s a brief step-by-step guide on how to use these codes and receive crazy (and free!) cosmetics for your penguin character.

First, open up the Club Penguin Rewritten home page on your browser. Next, at the top-right corner of your screen, look for the Unlock Items Online button. Select which penguin you want to give the reward.

Log into your account by inputting your password. There, you’ll find the “I have a code” option. Copy one of the codes provided in the table above and paste it into the text box. Click the Done button and voila! Enjoy free cosmetics and Card-Jitsu cards.

Inputting Code Errors

If you received an error message saying these codes don’t work, we can’t give you a definitive answer. Most users—even those that were “late” to the party—have succeeded in redeeming Card-Jitsu Cards and several cosmetics.

Make sure that you copy-pasted the text exactly as they are spelled out in the table above. If this doesn’t solve the code error, you might want to try manually typing the codes in. Even though these codes are redeemable, there might be a slight chance that the devs have deactivated them, meaning that your chance at receiving a brown skater hat or laptop is long gone.

However, some users claim that inputting the Card-Jitsu Card codes will lead to a time-out message, forcing you to log back in and repeat the process. Perhaps repeat this step two or three more times or use your mobile hotspot to change connections and try inputting the code again. Probably give it a couple of hours or even days between attempts, just to be safe.

When Do New Codes Come Out?

Alas, we don’t know. What we’re sure of is that special promo codes are released during certain events, but the game’s admins have been known to release codes at seemingly random times, just to spice things up.

These codes typically last for a couple of weeks or until new codes are released. Some of the rarer codes can only be redeemed a finite number of times, so if you missed out on gaining a special cosmetics piece for your penguin character, you’re all out of luck.

What Are Treasure Books?

Treasure books are catalogs programmed into Club Penguin Rewritten. You can view the contents of these books by opening up the Gift Shop, but you’ll need a specific code to redeem the special items.

Sadly, the codes to redeem these unique items are not available on any site. You might receive one from a generous friend, but they are one-time codes where prizes are awarded to whoever inputs them in the Unlock Items Online option.

To gain access to these unique items, you had to have donated 5 pounds to the game’s devs are specific times of the year. Some of these include in January 2020 to support the victims of the Australian bushfires, in March 2020 in support of terminally ill patients through the Marie Curie charity foundation.

Some of the items you could have received by sending your donations to the devs were hidden or exclusive items. These include Faery Hair (hidden), The Tussle (exclusive), The Strawberry Chill (exclusive), Faery Wings (hidden), Dragon Costume (hidden), Faery Costume (hidden), Light Up Shoes (exclusive), and 5000 coins.

Is Club Penguin Rewritten Legal?

Apparently, it is. The original Club Penguin was created by New Horizon Interactive but was acquired by the Walt Disney Company in 2007, three years after its launch, for a handsome sum of $350 million.

Now, as well know that Disney doesn’t like it when people use their trademarked characters or anything related to the company without paying extravagant royalties, Club Penguin’s return as Club Penguin Rewritten wasn’t received well by the execs at Disney. They filed a complaint that resulted in the game’s domain changing to

Club Penguin Rewritten was on the verge of closing its doors in early-2018, and it ultimately did in March of that year. However, the following month, Club Penguin Rewritten made a comeback, and its player base has been growing larger by the month. In 2020, with three years of ups and downs, there doesn’t appear to be any indication that Club Penguin Rewritten will close its servers soon.

Club Penguin Rewritten Glitches

Even though the devs do appear to be on top of all things, they’re not infallible for making and leaving coding errors in the game. Several users have dedicated their precious time to identify glitches that can ruin a gamer’s experience. Below, we’ll the currently-known glitches are and how they affect gameplay.

Using Snow Shovel in the Cave Mine

Users are supposed to use the 300-coin Snow Shovel to dig for more coins in the Cave Mine. This item is bugged and will not yield coins for your effort.

Scrolling through the Stamp Book

A rare glitch while moving between pages in the Stamp Book will show items from the previous page on the following page.


In this single-player game, you’re supposed to earn coins by making music. The longer you keep the music going, the more coins you’re supposed to earn. Sadly, many people have made songs for hours and earned nothing for their hard work.

Snowball Cursor

In most mini-games, pressing T on your keyboard will turn your cursor into a snowball. This doesn’t affect gameplay at all, but it can be surprising to unknowing players.


While playing certain mini-games, such as Sled Racing and Cart Surfer, you’ll collect a negative number of coins. This ultimately reduces your coin count.

Swapping Clothes

Sometimes, clicking on two different names on your Buddy List will result in one of your friend’s avatars wearing certain cosmetic items from the other buddy.

Ice Fishing

There’s an incredibly rare bug in the Ice Fishing mini-game where the coins you receive are quadrupled instead of doubled. Perhaps you can use this rarely-occurring glitch to make up for the negative revenue of playing Sled Racing and Cart Surfer.


Playing certain mini-games would cause you to lose your connection to the game’s server. Stu, one of the game’s admins, has confirmed that this glitch is caused by the game’s coding and not an error from the client’s side.

Dance Contest

Dance Contest is another glitchy mini-game. When the game ends, sometimes your character will be thrown into a new game. This happens indefinitely, forcing you to log out of your character and losing all of the coins you would have earned. Clicking on the Retry button after the game has ended will also do nothing for you, and you’ll have to exit out of the game.

Color-Changing Bed

You can purchase a Brown Bed or Black Bed from the Pet Furniture Love Your Pet item catalog for 250 coins. Sometimes, by putting your Puffle to sleep in either of these beds, the bed would change color from black or brown to orange. A similar bug occurs with the Black Puffle House, but it turns purple instead of orange.

Black Puffle

The Cart Surfer single-player game has a bug where displaying the leaderboard and clicking on the return button will show a Black Puffle in the cart next to your penguin, regardless of whether you purchased one or not. This glitch doesn’t carry over to the main game unless you have a Black Puffle already.

We may earn a commission for purchases using our links. Learn more.

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