Crown Academy codes (July 2024) — lots of free pearls

With our amazing Crown Academy codes, you'll become the cutest CHIBI royalty in the world!

A cuter and Roblox-inspired version of My Little Pony meets Pokemon. This amalgamation of the two games is so cute and cozy that we simply can not put it down. With many quests to do and challenges to fulfill, it’s no wonder that this game is quite popular on the platform.

Raise enchanted creatures from eggs, look after your Pegasus and attend classes to level up, there are so many unique and quirky details in the game that the whole concept just gels well together. In order to give you some extra help, we put together this detailed Crown Academy codes guide as well!

If such games aren’t your vibe and you like your games full of violence, bloodshed, and war, we have some fantastic recommendations for you too! Check out World of Tanks codes, Warframe promo codes and World of Warships codes and get those shooting, flying and driving juices flowing!

Active Crown Academy codes

Whoops! There are currently no Crown Academy codes, yet but bookmark this page to get your hands on some as soon as they drop!

Expired Crown Academy codes

  • NewUpdate 
  • ClownAcademy 
  • Whoopsiedaisy 
  • TheWitchingHour 

What are Crown Academy codes?

Crown Academy codes are magical phrases or words that allow the players to get their hands on some amazing freebies in the game! These freebies can include pearls and many other rewards so it’s best to come and check whenever new ones have dropped.

How to redeem Crown Academy codes

Don’t worry if you don’t know how redeeming Crown Academy codes work. Here’s a walkthrough:

  1. Start Crown Academy
  2. Click on the crown icon that opens rewards
  3. Press the Twitter codes option at the top
  4. Enter an active code into the space
  5. Hit enter
  6. Enjoy all the free stuff!

That’s it, people! We hope all our Crown Academy codes help you in the game! Also, if you guys have time and want to learn more about Roblox then we researched and wrote a truly mind-blowing piece about the platform that you can check out at Roblox statistics.