Food Magnet Simulator codes (May 2024) — lots of free boosts

With our fantabulous Food Magnet Simulator codes list, you'll always have access to loads of food in this game!

If you like some adventure in your life that isn’t complicated and a whole lot of fun, then you will surely love Food Magnet Simulator on Roblox. This no-nonsense and whimsical title relies on you collecting food, exploring new areas and hatching pets in order to advance in the game.

Furthermore, the game always has an abundance of codes ready to swoop in and help you get better at it and for your convenience we scoured the internet, found all the codes and created this mega Food Magnet Simulator codes guide! So read on and take notes.

If such games dont tickle your fancy, we get it, Roblox isn’t for everyone. For gamers looking for a more challenging experience full of shooting and gore we recommend World of Tanks codes, Warframe promo codes and World of Warships codes. Play them with friends for added excitement!

Active Food Magnet Simulator codes

  • 2M — 20 minutes Auto Sell Boost
  • ROBLEROM — Roblerom Pet
  • 500likes — 10 minutes Auto Sell Boost
  • 250likes — 5 minutes Auto Sell Boost
  • 100K — 10 minutes x2 Gem Boost
  • 1000Likes — 2x Hatch Boost
  • FreeBoost3 — 2x Gems Boost
  • FreeBoost2 — 2x Food Boost
  • ULTIMATE — 350 Coins
  • 10KLikes — 45 minutes of 2x Food Boost
  • 3000Likes — 15 minutes of Instant Hatch Boost
  • 2000Likes — 15 minutes of 2x Food Boost
  • 1500Likes — 5 minutes of Instant Hatch Boost
  • 5M — 35 minutes Auto Sell Boost
  • 4M — 25 minutes Auto Sell Boost
  • 3M — 25 minutes Auto Sell Boost

Expired Food Magnet Simulator codes

Luckily, there are no expired food magnet simulator codes, yet! Isn’t that great?

What are Food Magnet Simulator codes?

Food Magnet Simulator codes are redeemable numbers, phrases or words that you can exchange for some awesome in game freebies. These freebies can range from boosts, coins to many other things. Bookmark this page to always be yo to date with the current codes!

How to redeem Food Magnet Simulator codes

It’s very straightforward to redeem Food Magnet Simulator codes. Just follow these steps:

  1. Launch Food Magnet Simulator
  2. Click on the Twitter button on the left
  3. Enter an active code in the text box
  4. Hit confirm
  5. Enjoy all the goodies!

That’s everything, guys! We hope you have a blast using Food Magnet Simulator codes. Also, if you have ever been curious about Roblox and want some juicy Roblox statistics then we recommend checking out our latest piece about the platform and what 2022 will be like for it.