How to get gold in World of Tanks — explained

Boost your growth with these handy tips on how to rack up more of the premium currency in World of Tanks!


World of Tanks has a premium currency called gold that you can spend on consumables, Premium Tanks, premium account time, and more garage space. With gold, you can boost your WoT development by accelerating Crew and Tank growth or activating special premium bonuses that speed up progress.

The easiest way to get gold is by buying it through the in-game shop with real-world money, but did you know that you can get it for free? In this guide, we’ll go over how to get gold in World of Tanks without spending a dime.

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How to get free gold in World of Tanks

Buy gold from the in-game shop

When you purchase gold from Wargaming, it will be loaded to your account automatically. Remember to double check that you’re buying gold on the right server! Gold can’t be transferred between accounts or across servers. Heck, triple check it, just to be sure!

Beware of unofficial sources offering gold for super-cheap prices. The vast majority of these sites are run by scammers. Check to see if the vendor is an official Wargaming partner before making any transactions.

Complete weekend and week-long missions

World of Tanks runs new weekend and week-long missions every once in a while. Take advantage of these to get some decent gold. The awesome thing about these missions is that they’re super easy to finish, especially if you grind them with a platoon.

Complete month-long events

Complete the special month-long events (called On Track Missions) for huge gold rewards every month. Many of the objectives can seem daunting at first glance, but if you dedicate a few hours every day, you’ll finish them with little difficulty.

For a bit of extra gold, do the On Track Missions with whatever the current On Track Tank is (if you own one, that is).

Complete Bootcamp missions

Completing bootcamp missions is another easy way to get free gold in the game. Since these missions are made for new players, don’t expect much. It’s still worth the effort, though, considering how easy they are to finish.

You can even do multiplayer and co-op bootcamp missions for a bit of fun with your friends. Besides gold, these multiplayer bootcamp missions also have a chance to grant you special tanks.

Shoot Wargaming employees in the game

Sometimes you’ll run into Wargaming employees in your tank battles. You can actually earn a bit of gold by shooting them! Keep an eye out for screennames with a special emblem that looks like red crosshairs.

Participate in Clan Wars

If you’ve got a tier 10 tank and are getting into that late-game grind, joining Clan Wars is a great way to quickly earn gold. Rewards from a single Clan War can go from as “little” as 250 gold all the way up to 5,000 gold and more!

Sign up for a Clan Wars group and start nabbing up territory to reap a steady stream of gold for your clan. Make sure your Clan distributes gold among members, first!

This method is for the most dedicated WoT players who’ve invested hundreds of hours into the game. Just getting that tier 10 tank takes lots of time and patience, and then there’s the effort and investment of being an active, contributing clan member.

Earn gold from Skirmishes and Tournaments

Competing in Skirmishes and Tournaments can net you anywhere from 250 to 5,000 gold in a single go! This is a great way to quickly rake in the gold, assuming you have a decent crew and tanks, and are a skilled player. The best part is that you don’t even have to win to get a major gold influx—finish in the top half for a cool 500G.

Use special Wargaming codes

Wargaming pretty frequently releases special codes that you can input to get some decent bonuses and items. In fact, you can find the latest World of Tanks redeem codes right here on LEVVVEL.

You can also get the latest codes on the official Wargaming forums and Wargaming social media accounts. Note that many codes are limited-time promos and won’t be claimable after a certain date.

What to buy with gold in World of Tanks?

You can spend gold to buy all sorts of awesome items in World of Tanks, but there’s only one thing you absolutely must have:

A premium subscription

A premium subscription is absolutely key if you want to enjoy World of Tanks in the long term. A premium sub gives you all sorts of fun bonuses and items, but the most important one is 50% more credits and experience gained per battle.

You can buy a full month’s subscription for only 2,500 gold. That’s not super-hard to get for free if you regularly grind week-long and month-long missions. Absolutely buy a premium subscription before you consider getting anything else with your hard-earned gold.

Many free players don’t know all the different ways you can get gold for free in World of Tanks. Now you can count yourself among the lucky few that do! Even if you only play once every few days, doing the methods explained in this guide will give you enough to occasionally enjoy the level-boosting benefits of a premium subscription.

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What is gold in World of Tanks?

Gold in World of Tanks is a premium in-game currency that can be used to purchase a variety of items, including premium tanks, premium time, and other in-game items.

How can I obtain gold in World of Tanks?

There are many ways to obtain gold in World of Tanks, including:
– Buy gold from the in-game shop
– Complete weekend and week-long missions
– Complete Bootcamp missions
– Shoot Wargaming employees in the game
– Participate in Clan Wars
– Participate in Skirmishes and Tournaments

How is gold used in World of Tanks?

Gold in World of Tanks can be used to purchase a variety of items, including premium tanks, premium time, and other in-game items. Gold can also be used to speed up the research and purchase of new tanks and upgrades.

Are there any benefits to using gold in World of Tanks?

The benefits of using gold in World of Tanks can include access to premium tanks and premium battle pass rewards, increased credit and experience earnings, and the ability to purchase in-game items and upgrades more quickly.

Are there any disadvantages to using gold in World of Tanks?

The disadvantages of using gold in World of Tanks can include the cost of purchasing gold with real money and the potential for some players to have an unfair advantage over others who do not use gold.

Is gold necessary to play World of Tanks effectively?

No, gold is not necessary to play World of Tanks effectively. While gold can provide some benefits, it is possible to play the game and be successful without using gold.