How to get Oil in World of Warships

Rock the casbah... err warship.


In World of Warships, Oil is a special currency for Clans that can be used to purchase permanent upgrades for clan members. Only clan members can earn Oil. Below, we’ll show you how to get Oil in World of Warships. Then, we’ll explore what it’s used for and the types of upgrades you can get with it.

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How do you get Oil?

You must be a member of a clan to earn Oil in World of Warships. There are currently two ways to earn Oil:

  1. Open containers
  2. Complete missions and challenges

If you know how to get Super Containers, you’ll be able to roughly predict when you could have a huge influx of Oil coming in.

All of the Oil you earn will go to your Clan’s stores.

What can you do with Oil?

Oil is used to upgrade the facilities in your Clan’s Naval Base. By default, your Clan’s Headquarters, Research Center, Dock, and Shipyard do not confer clan members any bonuses. After upgrading them with Oil, all members will enjoy a small bonus. This bonus effect increases with the facility’s level.

Only the Commander or Deputy Commander can spend the Clan’s Oil.

Being a clan member isn’t enough to receive these permanent bonuses, though. You must first contribute a minimum amount of Oil to gain access to its facilities. Once you’ve gained access, you can enjoy the permanent bonus as much as you want. Note that facility access only applies to that Clan; if you switch Clans, you’ll have to contribute Oil to gain access to its facilities.

And that’s it for the basics of what Oil is and how to get it. If you’re not a clan member, then you needn’t concern yourself with Oil and its uses, though you will, at some point, want to join a Clan to advance your progress in World of Warships. Now get out there and do some challenges!

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