How to follow shells in World of Warships

Record awesome kill shots and enjoy the thrill of a great shot from up close.

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No game immerses you in the heat of naval warfare like World of Warships. There’s something indescribably satisfying about watching your torpedoes punch holes into an enemy cruiser or lobbing long-distance shells over an island and right into the enemy’s citadel. By default, you only get to witness these moments from afar, but wouldn’t it be great to see your kills from up close?

Turns out, you can! All you have to do is learn how to follow shells in World of Warships, so you can get up close and intimate with the explosions. But first, boost your progress with these World of Warships free ship codes and get awesome loot and rare prizes in your favorite naval warfare sim.

How to follow shells and torpedoes

But wait, what does “following shells” mean? Basically, it means your camera automatically tracks the position of a fired shell, “following” its position from behind. World of Warships actually does this for you automatically, but you have to activate the feature manually.

By default, you can track shells by pressing the “Z” key on your keyboard. This causes your camera to track any shell or torpedo that is currently underway. Note that pressing this key will toggle the feature, so you have to press it again to disable it.

While his feature is active, press “C” to view the next shell or torpedo you fire.

Why would I want to track my shells?

We already talked about how awesome it is to see your shots hit the enemy from a close distance, but there is a practical use for this feature, too. With shell tracking activated, you can see exactly where your shots land. This helps you with adjusting your firing trajectory for the next shot, for more accurate aiming.

How to change the hotkey to follow shells/torpedoes

If the default hotkey to follow shells feels uncomfortable, you can always change it in the options. Just open the game settings, go into Camera Controls section, then change the hotkey for “Track Object.” Make sure not to accidentally overwrite another hotkey!

Now that you know how to follow your shells and torpedoes in World of Warships, it’s time to put it into practice and dominate the seas! Remember to make use of the other camera control settings in the game to get the best action cams to record your gameplay, so you can relive the thrilling moments and share them with your friends!