How to play Wizard Simulator — become a pro and win

With our legendary Wizard Simulator guide, you'll be a pro in no time

Roblox Wizard Simulator is an awesome adventure role-playing game where gamers fight to unlock new spells, staffs, and pets to become the strongest wizard around. There are powerful bosses to fight and secret treasures to find in this super addictive game.

The premise of the game seems simple enough, but once you start playing it you realize there are a few technicalities that make the game supremely challenging. To help you out, we formulated this cheat sheet for tips and tricks on how to become a pro at Wizard Simulator.

Wizard Simulator game mechanics

The game is split into five different worlds, each with its enemies, bosses, quests, and opportunities:

1. Training Area

Players begin in the Training Area, taking quests from a skeleton called Little John and defeating a series of ‘Dummy’ NPCs for practice before they embark into the main world.

2. Wolf Village

Players then move to the Wolf Village, where they meet a skeleton called Big Tony who gives out a series of quests. Here, players will take on Slimes and Spiders, complete quests, and earn gold until they are at level 22. Lumberjack Luke then becomes available, a second NPC who will give out further quests until players reach level 28. These quests involve killing Wolves, Werewolves, and Bears.

3. Beach World

Then, players will reach the Beach World. Here, Lost Pirate will deliver several quests that will deliver XP and spells, tasking you to defeat Crabs, Clams, Jellyfish, and Pirates.

4. Magma World

From there, players will move to the Magma World, where the Wise Stone and Old Miner will deliver further quests and was, at one time, the game’s final world. Once players have defeated a series of NPCs and bosses up to level 54, they will be able to move on to the final world.

5. Castle World

Finally, Castle World features two villager NPCs which will bring you to the final levels in the game. These players will task you with defeating everything from Hornets to Scorpions. You will then defeat the game’s strongest NPC, the Rock Titan.

Boss battles

At the end of each of these worlds, players will face a world boss. These bosses include the Dummy King in the Training Area, the Lumberjack in the Wolf Village, the Pirate King in the Beach World, and the Magma King in the Magma World. There is currently no final boss in the Castle World, but we expect one to be added soon.

Wizard Simulator weapons

Of course, to defeat bosses or NPCs, one first needs to have a weapon to do so. Your primary weapons in Wizard Simulatorare spells, of which there is a significant number. These include ‘Fireball’, ‘Lightning’, ‘Shadow Strike’, ‘Waves’, and ‘Meteor’. New spells are attained by defeating NPCs or bosses, completing quests, and reaching certain level milestones. These spells also come in four categories, roughly proportional to their power: Common, Rare, Epic, and Legendary.

Wizard Simulator codes & freebies

If you haven’t checked out our Wizard Simulator codes article, now would be a great time to check out all the redeemable codes you can get for free to get access to some great in-game stuff that can be crucial for your victory. Here’s how you can use the freebies to your advantage:

Wizard Simulator codes deliver boosts and coins primarily. Although these rewards are available in-game, promo codes allow a useful mechanism to bolster your position in-game and receive higher-level items in-game. One of the most important things to do with gold is to buy pets, backpacks, and staffs. Here’s each in a bit more detail:


These pets use either ranged or melee attacks and can level up as they gain experience, increasing their damage output. To get new pets, players must spin for them. Each pet has a different roll chance, roughly proportional to their level of rarity: ‘Common’, ‘Rare’, ‘Epic’, ‘Legendary’, and ‘Godly’. ‘Godly’ Pets can only be rolled for Robux, and act somewhat differently than other pets. The effect of these pets scales with the player’s strength.

Ordinarily, pet rolls cost gold. However, some pet rolls can only be completed for Robux, Roblox’s premium inter-game currency. This means that a little bit of extra gold is always useful, particularly early in the game when you are looking for your first pet.

Staffs and backpacks

Staffs and Backpacks are like pets in that they give stat boosts, but are not rolled for. Instead, staff and backpacks are dropped by NPCs when they are defeated. Alternatively, they can be purchased. There are four categories of both: ‘Common’, ‘Rare’, ‘Epic’, and ‘Legendary’. Each has a different stat boost, a different natural drop rate, and an exceedingly expensive cost if purchased with gold.


However, boosts are not nearly so easily accessible in-game. Promo codes can be an easy way to level up more quickly by receiving both gold and XP boosts. However, be careful: these boosts are not saved when you log out, meaning that you risk losing out if you do not consider carefully when to make use of these boosts.

That’s everything you need to know to become a pro at Wizard Simulator. If you liked this guide, check out similar guides that we’ve come up with for other Roblox games: Skywars guide, Mad City guide, Ro-Ghoul guide. With all this information, you’ll be topping the leaderboards in every game you try!