Pokemon Sword and Shield gift codes (May 2024) — free items

Our amazing Pokemon Pokemon Sword and Shield codes will bring you some awesome freebies, guaranteeing a great time in your favorite Pokemon game.

Pokemon has arguably been the crown jewel of Nintendo’s software since the company has been founded. There’s always an annual AAA release related to the game and players flock towards the latest new title. Similarly, when Pokemon Sword and Shield was released fans were blown away by the many new things that they were given the option to do like Gigantamaxing, camping and the new wild areas. To date, its one of our favorite Pokemon games, well till Legends Arceus comes out, then it might get some competition!

Another awesome feature is the freebies for the game. If you don’t know what freebies are, just read on! This is our Pokemon Sword and Shield gift codes guide to help you all get the most out of the game by redeeming some awesome freebies.

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Active gift codes for Pokemon Sword and Shield

Whoops! Looks like there are currently no active Pokemon Sword and Shield gift codes. Check back on this page frequently for updates so you don’t miss out when they do release.

Expired gift codes for Pokemon Sword and Shield

  • K1NP1KA1855 
  • C0MPET1T10N 
  • GALAR 
  • 0T0SH1DAMA
  • 1YAHAYA 
  • GL0BALCHAMP2021 
  • V1CT0RYENG1NE25 
  • KAL0SP1KA 
  • 1CH00SEY0U 
  • K2020CHAMP10NS 
  • PJCS2019CHAMP 
  • SPR1NGPA0R1 
  • P25MUS1C 

What are Pokemon Sword and Shield gift codes?

Gifts are treats that are generally in the form of free unique products or Pokemon that are only accessible for a selected period. When the gift codes expire you will no longer be able to acquire the items until another player willingly trades them with you, so bookmark this page to stay updated!

How to redeem Pokemon Sword and Shield gift codes

It’s very easy to redeem Pokemon Sword and Shield gift codes. Here’s what you must do:

  1. Boot up Pokemon Sword and Shield
  2. Go to the game menu.
  3. Select the mystery gift option (the pink present icon)
  4. Pick the get a mystery gift option.
  5. Pick the get with code or password option, and put the code in.
  6. Enjoy all the free stuff!

That’s it, trainers! Everything we had to tell you about Pokemon Sword and Shield gift codes. Also, if you or a friend of yours is into gacha games, we recommend checking out our best gacha games 2024 or for awesome Roblox freebies check out Roblox promo codes list as well.