How to sell a ship on World of Warships — explained

Is your Port full of unused ships just eating up space? Here's how you can sell them for


Every player, at some point, will have more ships than they know what to do with. Lower-tier ships, in particular, are often left behind once a player moves on to higher tiers. Turn these old, unused ships into some in-game credits while clearing out your port at the same time! In this guide, we’ll go over how to sell a ship on World of Warships.

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How to sell a ship

The first step is to go into your Port in World of Warships, where you can see all the ships you currently own. It costs 50 doubloons to sell a ship, and you get exactly half of its purchase price for selling it.

Right-click the ship you want to get rid of, then click the “Sell” option from the dropdown menu. This will bring up a new screen with three options: Sell with Modules, Demount Upgrades, Send Commander to the Reserve.

Sell with Modules

Choosing the “Sell with Modules” option sells the selected ship with all currently mounted modules. You get additional credits for every mounted module you’ve added to the ship while you’ve owned it. You can also choose to keep all your Special Modules and sell the rest of the mounted modules along with your ship.

Demount Upgrades

The “Demount Upgrades” option unmounts any mounted upgrades and stores them in your armory. Once you’ve unmounted your upgraded modules, the ship will sell at its base sale price. Note that it costs doubloons to demount your upgrades, so think about whether or not it’s worth it before picking this option.

You can also choose to “Sell Upgrades,” which sells any upgrades on your ship, but keeps the ship in your Port. This option is useful if you’re planning to completely overhaul a ship’s loadout.

Send Commander to the Reserve

Normally, when you sell a ship, its Commander is unassigned from the ship and sent to your Inventory. This allows you to reuse the Commander by assigning them to a new ship. The “Second Commander to the Reserve” option “sells” a Commander. Selecting this option brings up three sub-options: Dismiss Commander, Dismiss Commander (25% XP), and Dismiss Commander (100% XP).

Selecting “Dismiss Commander” returns the Commander to the reserve, removing them from your inventory at no cost. Dismiss Commander (25% XP) and Dismiss Commander (100% XP) return 25% and 100%, respectively, of the XP that Commander.

The last two sub-options aren’t free, and the number of doubloons you have to pay increases with the Commander’s XP. Consider carefully before Dismissing Commander for XP—it may not be worth the cost of doubloons!

Knowing how to sell a ship on World of Warships is a necessary skill, especially later in the game. Eventually, your Port will be so many ships that you have no choice to get rid of the ones you don’t need. Hopefully, you’ve got a grasp of the selling process and all the different options available to you when selling.

How do I sell a ship in World of Warships?

To sell a ship in World of Warships, go to your Port and select the ship you want to sell. Right-click the ship you want to sell, then click “Sell” from the dropdown menu. You can choose to sell the ship and all its modules, unmount modules and sell the ship alone, or sell the ship and its Commander.

How much will I get for selling a ship in World of Warships?

You get exactly half of the ship’s original purchase price for selling a ship in World of Warships.

Can I sell a ship that I just bought in World of Warships?

Yes. You will only get back half of the amount you spent on it.

What happens to the upgrades and equipment on a ship when I sell it in World of Warships?

When selling a ship in World of Warships, you can choose to sell all of its modules with the ship or to save unmount modules and store them in your inventory.

Can I change my mind after selling a ship in World of Warships?

No. You cannot get your ship back after it has been sold.

Is there a limit to the number of ships that I can sell in World of Warships?

Yes. You cannot sell Tier I ships in World of Warships.