Mass Effect Legendary Edition face codes (July 2024) — male & female players

With our epic Mass Effect face codes, your character will be looking sharp throughout the game!

Mass Effect Legendary Edition character customization system is the latest and greatest part about customizing your in-game self and it comes with a lot of new features. Most importantly the face codes can be changed a little. You can use the same old face codes from previous games. However, in order to do it correctly, there will be some changes in the names and some of the parameters, as the LE variation executes more numbers now. So today we’ll take a look at the face codes that are more popular so you can look like a brand new player.

Whether you want to play as the male version of Commander Shephard or the female version, you’ll end up looking and feeling your absolute best with our Mass Effect Legendary Edition face codes guide, so just follow along and we’ll tell you everything there is to know about codes and how to redeem ’em.

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Active Mass Effect Legendary Edition face codes

Female Shepard (FemShep) face codes

  • 7Q1.D9H.M66.F87.JDQ.96M.1D9.141.R46.44A.FG6.1CF.5
  • 7L1.1LL.HF8.T21.AC9.1HF.LKI.211.W16.1H9.AGH.T1G.A
  • 751.99G.W17.F7C.JDQ.64Q.1DA.711.S46.1LH.FG6.LJG.6
  • 8A1.1BB.PAG.D12.F1V.1EU.WWI.1GL.WE4.1CB.K65.FWF.B
  • 7T3.47J.G71.K8A.HDQ.62F.1EC.711.F16.11J.2GH.Q5G.1
  • SS1.SEU.B2C.A8Q.CBN.1GM.G59.861.RI3.DLA.F49.CCC.1
  • 743.19N.E17.I2M.EDQ.65Q.1DA.811.966.412.6G5.177
  • 7S1.8BH.HG4.K1A.7CI.5GT.HKA.711.JF8.521.2G9.11F

Male Shepard face codes

  • 342.KML.CIQ.G31.GMP.MBB.N7P.2RN.J84.AUM.A36.9
  • 3Q1.7AE.ENF.A85.FAS.JEI.MJD.6PG.G75.8I7.17B.9C
  • 5J2.FNH.DGW.J31.HLW.15R.W6L.6QL.1E2.1L5.E5B.9C
  • 5A2.SPK.FGW.J31.HLW.13W.U9N.6VL.N9C.1MN.85B.B4
  • 542.GG8.L7Q.P37.IGQ.IBQ.NMP.8FR.FC4.2I3.85A.9
  • SG1.HKE.87L.B8Q.C8Q.DFR.QFH.6PJ.9DC. 1C1.17A.9

What are Mass Effect Legendary Edition face codes?

A fun way to personalize your in-game self, Mass Effect face codes allow you to look and feel different no matter which version of Commander Shepard you end up playing with. It’s nice to give him or her a facelift, every now and then!

How to redeem Mass Effect face codes

It can be a little complicated to redeem Mass Effect face codes. So here’s a walkthrough:

  1. Launch Mass Effect
  2. Open the Profile Reconstruction menu.
  3. Paste in an active face code into the textbox
  4. Enjoy your dashing new self!

That’s everything, guys! All the information we could tell you about Mass Effect face codes. Also, we’re calling all gacha game lovers to check out our best gacha games or for Roblox freebie hoarders check out Roblox promo codes list as well

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