Monsters of Etheria codes (July 2024) — lots of free credits and crates

With our superb Monsters of Etheria codes list, you'll always have credits and crates to help you get further!

Ever wanted to play a Roblox version of Pokemon? Well, your wish has been granted. Monsters of Etheria is by many accounts the Pokemon of Roblox. You start by collecting and training Etherians to become the strongest and most powerful version of themselves.

This creature collecting RPG is perfect for all those people looking for a game full of adventure and quests. As always, we took the liberty of collecting the best codes for you guys for this game and so we urge you to bookmark this Monsters of Etheria codes guide to always have access to some great freebies!

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Active Monsters of Etheria codes

  • sub2TheConfidentDiamond — Tarabi Confident Skin
  • HappyHolidays2021 — 1,000 Credits

Expired Monsters of Etheria codes

  • Independence2020
  • HappyEaster2020 
  • CodeFix2020 
  • DaMap2020
  • Valentines2020 
  • HappyLNY20 
  • YearOfTheRat20 
  • HNY2020
  • BlackFriday2019 
  • Thanksgiving2019
  • FiveForFive2019 
  • SelfReflectionFour2019 
  • OneYearOfEtheria 
  • HappyAnniversary2019 
  • BackToSchool2019
  • RaidAtArea51 
  • OneHundredEtherians 
  • SummerAwaits2019
  • AprilFools2021
  • MidMarch2021
  • LunarNewYear2021 
  • FinalFortune2021 
  • Valentines2021 
  • DayThreeTreasure2021
  • DayTwoSwag2021 
  • CodeWeekFeb2021 
  • sub2TheConfidentDiamond 
  • HolidaySeason2020 
  • Harvest2020 
  • HAPPYBDAY2020 
  • Halloween2020 
  • AdCrates 
  • AdCredits 
  • SpookySeason2020 
  • Sunshine2020 
  • SummerFun2020 

What are Monsters of Etheria codes?

Glad you asked! Codes are a fabulous way to redeem some free items in any Roblox game! That’s right if you know these magic words and phrases for each of your favorite games then you can have unlimited access to some of the game’s best in-game features.

How to redeem Monsters of Etheria codes

It’s very simple to redeem Monsters of Etheria codes if you follow our steps:

  1. Launch Monsters of Etheria
  2. Choose the RP game mode and go into town
  3. Click on the General Shoppe keep
  4. Enter an active code in the space that opens
  5. Tap enter
  6. Enjoy all the free stuff!

That’s it! Everything we knew about Monsters of Etheria codes is now in your knowledge. We also wanted to tell you that if you guys ever wanted more freebies then the best place to get some is our Roblox promo codes list, so make sure you check it out!