Murder Mystery 2 codes – free knives

Murder Mystery 2 is a video game developed by Nikilis on user-generated game platform Roblox. The game is heavily based on a user-generated Garry’s Mod gamemode called ‘Murder’.  Murder Mystery 2 is an asymmetric horror game where the (up to) ten Innocents have to aid the Sheriff in working out who the Murderer among them actually is.

The sheriff has one goal: protect the Innocents while they discover the identity of the murder. The sheriff spawns with a gun, which they can use to protect the innocents. However, if the sheriff is caught by the Murderer or mistakenly murders an innocent they will kick the bucket. They will then drop the weapon which can be picked up by any of the innocents, potentially taking on the role of the Hero. The Sheriff gains XP (experience points) for successfully killing the Murderer, multiplied by how many innocents they successfully protect in the process.

Unlike the Sheriff, innocents are notably unprotected but have a pivotal role in gameplay. They are completely unarmed and therefore completely unable to harm any other players. Instead, they are to walk around attempting to witness murders, finding bodies and using evidence to deduce who the Murderer is. If the Sheriff dies, any innocent can pick up their weapon to defend themselves. If they succeed in killing the Murderer, they will become the ‘Hero’ of the round. Innocents gain XP for completing the match, the amount of XP received increasing depending on the amount of time stayed alive, how full they make their coin bags and where or not they become the Hero of the round.

Finally, the Murderer spawns with a knife with one goal in mind: kill all the innocents and the sheriff without getting discovered and before time runs out. Their XP will increase depending on their success in fulfilling that task.

There are three different ways to play Murder Mystery 2, and these can be switched at any time by the user. ‘Casual’ is the classic version of Murder Mystery 2 where Murderer, Sheriff and Innocents all play one game together. Toys, radios and powers are all allowed in the Casual gamemode. ‘Assassin’ is an alternative gamemode where everyone has a knife and must hunt down their target in a large group game. Kill your enemy before you yourself are killed, with no powers allowed. Finally, ‘Hardcore’ mode is like Casual but without any items, toys, parks or radios. Each person is locked into first-person mode and given a disguise at the beginning of the game. It’s like Casual mode, but incredibly difficult.

Active Murder Mystery 2 codes

At the moment there aren’t any available promo codes for Murder Mystery 2. When we add them be sure to activate them ASAP as these codes don’t last forever!

Expired Murder Mystery 2 codes

These are all the codes that have recently become unavailable, meaning the developer has deactivated them or that they were time-sensitive and have expired:

COMB4T2 Combat II Knife
PR1SMPrism Knife
AL3XAlex Knife
C0RLCorl Knife
D3NISDenis Knife
SK3TCHSketchy Knife
SUB0Sub Knife
INF3CT3DInfected Knife
G003YGoo Knife
R3PT1L3Reptile Knife
SK00LSkool Knife
PATR1CKPatrick Knife
20152015 Knife
G1FT3DGifted Knife
N30NNeon Knife
HW2017Pumpkin Pet

How to redeem Murder Mystery 2 codes

Redeeming Murder Mystery 2 Promo Codes is easy as can be. As you open up the Murder Mystery 2 game, head over to the lobby and tap the inventory button. Glance over to the bottom-right hand side of the screen and you should see an ‘EnterCode’ input box with a redeem button underneath.

Click on the input area that says “EnterCode” and type in one of the active codes featured on this list. Be sure to take note of when letters are capitalised and when they aren’t, Promo Codes are case sensitive and feature both letters and numbers. Hit the enter key and enjoy your new in-game cosmetics and swag. If the code is valid the button will turn blue and you will know it has worked.

How to use Murder Mystery 2 promo items

There are three types of currency in Murder Mystery 2: Coins, Diamonds and Keys. The most basic – known as ‘coins’ – are collected by players as they play on one of the games many maps. However, players can only collect up to 40 coins per match (or 50 if they have the Elite Gamepass). Coins can be used to buy Crates (with cosmetic skins inside), effects and pets.

Coins are the least effective method to collect new items. Diamonds are another form of in-game currency which can be purchased at the shop using Robux. These have substantially more buying-power than coins, and can be used to purchase Crates and other shop items like radios, emotes and mystery keys. Finally, some items are exclusively available only to players who shop with diamonds, meaning that even if you spent exceptional amounts of time collecting coins you may still fall behind others.

Finally, Keys can be purchased for 125 Diamonds or can be traded from player to player. These can be used to purchase Crates from the shop. There are a total of 12 boxes in-game, including 3 Gun Boxes, 6 Knife Boxes, 1 Rainbow Box and 2 Mystery Boxes. Furthermore, each box has an exceptionally small (less than 1%) chance of attaining a rainbow-version of their weapons known as ‘Godlies.’

Which is why Promo Items are so important. You could spend 1000 coins (or a minimum of 40 matches), 125 Diamonds or one Key on a Crate, or you could redeem some of the brilliant Promo Codes on this list. A lot of the fun of Murder Mystery 2 is customising your character while you up your skills. You can work hard, or end up spending real money on in-game cosmetics, or you can get a step ahead of the competition using Murder Mystery 2 Promo Codes.

Murder Mystery 2 strategy & tips

Unlike others games, Promo Codes alone can’t give you a step-up in Roblox Murder Mystery 2. Instead, they’re mostly cosmetic in nature. That means that you’re going to need to bone up on strategy if you’re looking to get ahead of the class. Since Mystery Mystery 2 is an asymmetric horror game the goals (and, naturally, tips and tricks) will vary depending on which role you are given at the beginning of the match.


It’s easy to get caught out as the Murderer, especially if you’re new to Mystery Mystery 2. Therefore, it’s good to have a strategy ahead of the game beginning. There are a few basic tips and tricks that can help you get started.

Make sure you identify the Sheriff ASAP, they are your main enemy as the Murderer. Remember to hide your knife, taking it out too early is a dead giveaway. When you kill the Sheriff, camp around the gun. And finally, don’t forget that the killer has access to throwing knives, too. Just tap the right click and you’ll throw a projectile that will add incredible versatility to your playstyle.

To gain the ultimate advantage over the Sheriff and the Innocents, any successful Murderer will take proper advantage of Powers. Powers, previously known as Perks, are special features that can be equipped to give the killer unique abilities and boosts. Powers include: the ability to track footsteps, the ability to throw knives faster, make knifing silent, run 50% faster for a short period, ability to make a knife kill look like a gunshot, the ability to run 10% faster when holding the knife, the ability to set traps, the ability to turn invisible for 5 seconds, and the ability to see through walls. These Powers can be incredibly OP if used correctly, so it’s a no brainer to focus your coin collecting on saving up to your perk of choice.


As the innocent, you may feel like a sitting duck. You have no weapon and you can’t kill others. Instead, you have three main objectives: stay alive, deduce the killer’s identity, and collect as many coins as possible. However, to do these things with ease there are a couple of tips and tricks it helps to keep in mind.

First, locate and stay near the Sheriff if you can. The Murderer knows that they’d be well served to kill the Sheriff first, so by trailing the Sheriff you have a chance to pick up their gun for a chance to kill the Murderer.

Second, don’t be afraid to camp – even if you get some stick for it from others in the community. If you find a safe spot to hide and keep watch, it’s one of the only ways to limit your vulnerability to shootings and/or stabbings.

Finally, keep an eye on the chat box and don’t be afraid to let your allies know if you have a theory. You could just help the Sheriff discover who the Murderer truly is.


Finally, as the Sheriff you should be prepared to become the Murderer’s #1 target as soon as you reveal yourself. Therefore, you should be as sneaky as you can at the beginning of the game – remember, no one knows you’re the Sheriff until you take out your weapon. If this is your strategy, make sure to watch out for scanners – it can let the Murderer know you have a gun even if you’re hiding it.

Secondly, this is ultimately a detective game so be sure to take notes so you can better deduce who the killer is.

Finally, make sure to keep an eye on how other players are acting. Watch out for other players implementing the other strategies on this list – it could help you deduce who is an Innocent and who is the Murderer.