Roblox premium — how to get premium on Roblox

Learn how to get premium and step up your game!

Roblox is a huge game, we all know that. Players all around the world are able to enjoy the free game with its high variety of games and the potential to essentially do anything you want. While everything is free, you still have the option of getting the premium plan for Roblox, which will give you some extra goodies every month. Great for players who want a nice way of getting currency without grinding too much.

To show you how to get Roblox premium, we have prepared a detailed guide that will walk you through the process smoothly. It is a simple matter of payment, and there aren’t many steps.

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What is Roblox premium?

To purchase things in-game, you have the currency of Roblox – Robux. You use this to purchase anything you like in the game, including clothes, gear, cosmetics, etc. In order to get Robux, you need to either grind for it or purchase it yourself, which can be tedious and annoying. Premium lets you get a set amount of Robux each month, so that you don’t have to go through the trouble of grinding. The plans are as follows:

  1. $4.99/month – you get 450 Robux each month
  2. $9.99/month – you get 1000 Robux each month
  3. $19.99/month – you get 2200 Robux each month

As you can see, any plan you choose will give you a substantial amount of Robux, more than enough to get you whatever you want.

How to get premium on Roblox

All you need to do is a couple of steps on the Roblox site, which is quite simple.

  1. Log into your Roblox account
  2. Go to the premium page
  3. Select any option that best suits you
  4. Click on Buy
  5. This will let you enter your payment information
  6. Enter the information
  7. Confirm

Now you should have Roblox premium on your account. If you’re using someone else’s credit card, like a parent’s or a friend’s, make sure you have permission to use it first. That would be all that we have to say regarding Roblox premium! If you’ve found this article helpful, consider checking out Roblox statistics and facts for more info!